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How to get your article published on The PC Magazine.com?

To apply for a guest post, kindly send us an email for approval along with your proposal at questions.tpm@gmail.com. We request you read the following eligibility criteria before applying for the guest posts.

Eligibility Criteria for Guest Posting

The PC Magazine has specific standards against which we will evaluate your article and decide whether to approve it if it satisfies the following criteria:

The submitted article must be written entirely on its own.

The piece must be at least 800 words long.

Before delivering them to us, the articles should be proofread for grammatical problems.

The article may include 2-3 pertinent photos.

The articles must be appropriately formatted, with headings, brief paragraphs, and bullet points when necessary.

One do-follow link to your website or blog post may be included in the article.

Original Content

We need authors who can produce original content. We only accept this kind of content because we want our website to be unique. You must have reviewed each submission before sending it. The guest blogger should send us their finished content at least 24 hours before the initial deadline to ensure there are no delays.

We will review your work when you submit it to us, and we’ll let you know whether we plan to publish it or not. If your submission is accepted, we’ll let you know where we’ll post it so you can read it and spread the word. The articles that are sent to us must be unique in a way that can inform the readers and raise awareness.

750+ Word Content

The essay must be at least 750 words or more in order to be eligible for publication on our website. It will be rejected if you submit work that is less than this word count or if we detect the use of duplicated information as fillers to increase the word count. Our readers love lengthy articles that provide comprehensive information; therefore we made this one of the requirements for guest posting.

Free from Grammatical Errors

Before sending the paper to us, you must proofread it for grammar mistakes so that we can publish it without having to go through the trouble of editing it. Your articles will be edited to reflect our tone and style, but if they contain too many grammatical problems, they will be rejected.

Include Images

We allow you to include only 2-3 images in your article to further enhance its readability and make it more appealing. However, you must make sure that the images are copyright-free, high-resolution, and relevant to the article’s subject.

Properly Structured

Since the major goal of our website is to engage readers, we encourage writers to include creating entertaining content. As a result, you must make sure that your paragraphs are brief, use standard sentence length, and include headings in your articles.

While we make an effort to make our health blog posts easy to read, we also want to make sure that the reader does not lose concentration or get bored too easily due to the sentence style and word length. The usage of subtitles in blog posts is crucial in order to capture and hold the reader’s interest through to the very end. You also need to make sure your phrases are succinct and your paragraphs are short enough to keep the reader’s attention throughout any given work.


You are welcome to attach links to reputable websites that can substantiate your claim, as our goal is to provide information supported by facts and data. We permit authors to include one Do-Follow link that directs readers to their website in order to increase traffic. People searching the Internet for writing are more inclined to click on the links leading back to the original author.

If you believe you meet all of the conditions outlined above, please complete the form on our website, and we will get in touch with you to arrange a time to speak. Since various kinds of individuals will read the articles, we must be careful to avoid offending anyone’s feelings in any manner. The language of the article should be appropriate and not disrespectful to the readers in any way.

For more Queries related to the guest posting, please contact us at: questions.tpm@gmail.com