What you Need to Know About Cat Hospital

This is very upsetting when the vet says that you need to hospitalize your cat. A hospital is a strange environment for your pet. It is not going to be easy for you and your cat when the cat has to stay in the hospital for a night or several nights. You have always loved your cat. However, when in hospital, your cat is surrounded by people it does not know. Cat hospitalization can be easy if you do a little preparation. Here are some tips for you if you have to send your pet to a cat hospital in Cork.

24-Hour Staff 

Make sure that the clinic has staff available 24-hours. Some cat hospitals in Cork are not open 24X7. However, you can easily find a hospital that can hospitalize your cat anytime. According to the laws, the hospital must tell if the staff is present in the hospital 24 hours. However, you should also ask. Does the facility have trained professionals to monitor the cat during the night? Can an emergency vet in Cork attend your cat at the odd hours in case there is an emergency? 

Some cat hospitals don’t have staff present at night or there is only one person to attend all the animals in the hospital. This may not be good for the health of your pet especially in certain conditions. For example, if the cat is on IV fluids, someone must be there to monitor the pet. Fluid lines getting kinked is not good for the health or even life of your pet. This may cut off the flow of fluid. These fluid lines can cut off circulation if twisted around limbs. They can also get tangled around the neck of your cat. 

Cats can recover at home after surgery. However, some clinics keep pets overnight after the surgery. In the case of most surgeries, you don’t need to keep the pet in the cat hospital in Cork. If the animal is doing well after surgery, you don’t even need to monitor the pet. However, make sure that it stays inside the house. 

Get Frequent Updates 

You are anxious when your pet is in the hospital. This is the reason why you want to stay informed of the current condition of the pet. Ask when and how often you can call to get updates.

Visit Your Cat  

It is important to learn about the policies of the clinic. Does the clinic allow one of the parents to stay in the hospital? If it does not, ask when and how often you are allowed to visit your cat. The clinic cannot deny a visit. Keep in mind that the staff may not allow you to stay with your cat while the vet is performing some procedure. Otherwise, you should visit your cat and spend some time there. This depends on the cat. Some cats experience stress when parents are not around. However, some cats experience stress when they see distressed parents. You should be able to handle yourself when you visit your hospitalized cat. Otherwise, limit your visits to the hospital. 

Check online ratings and reviews about the hospital. A few five-star ratings and good reviews can be fake. In addition to searching “cat hospital near me” on the web, you should get recommendations from other cat parents. It is also important to learn about the vet. The vet should be well-educated and experienced. Is the vet a member of some vet association? Read reviews about the vet as well. You have got a lovely pet. You want to ensure the health and wellbeing of your cat. Therefore, find the best cat hospital in Cork.