What Remedies Can Help You Treat Your Dandruff At Home?

No matter whether you are a child or an adult, dandruff is a common issue that is faced by all. Though it may not be as severe in every case, it still leads to itchiness and flaking. It is caused by the bacteria that feed on the excess oil secretion in our scalp, which is why it is advised to keep your hair clean by washing it twice a week. While the best anti-dandruff shampoo for oily hair can do wonders for you, it’s not in everyone’s reach to buy one. 

In that case, you can try the age-old remedies provided by your grannies, who used natural and easily available ingredients to treat dandruff. Though it may take time to completely get rid of severe dandruff, these remedies can give you relief from the constant scratching of your head. Following are some of the effective home remedies that will help you in treating your dandruff:

  • Use tea tree oil: Essential oils like Tea tree oil can do wonders for curing your dandruff, since it has anti-inflammatory properties which can reduce the itchiness and redness in your scalp, giving it a soothing effect. Make sure to dilute tea tree oil in some other oil or shampoo to use on your hair, because it has a very strong essence and effect. Its anti-bacterial properties help in killing the bacteria that is the root cause of dandruff, due to which you will not experience any kind of dandruff any time soon.
  • Get the best out of the aloe vera in your house: While aloe vera needs no introduction for itself since we all are familiar with the benefits associated with this miraculous plant. Cutting the aloe vera and directly applying it to your hair can do wonders for you, since it helps in providing nourishment to your dry and dull scalp, and reducing the itchiness at the same time. While you can use aloe vera in its original form, but you can make a paste of aloe vera gel, yogurt and a few spoons of honey & directly apply it to your hair. It will help cure dandruff & make your scalp radiant than before.
  • Put Neem to test: Another wonderful ingredient that can completely cure your dandruff is Neem. These green leaves are not only ideal for tackling your skin issues, but also your dandruff issues too. It has a lot of anti-fungal properties, which make it so essential to treat dandruff. You can make a paste out of fresh Neem leaves and apply that onto your hair, or you can boil Neem in some water, and use that water to rinse your hair. No matter whichever methods you use, you are going to get wonderful results. Neem is a medicinal herb, and that is the reason you should consider giving it a try!

Along with all these remedies, you can also try the best anti-dandruff shampoo for oily scalp and dry hair to bid goodbye to all your dandruff problems as soon as possible.