What is the admission procedure followed in Dubai Indian schools?

U.A.E. government primarily focuses on the education infrastructure and the quality of knowledge imparted to the students. Being a knowledge-driven country, education strategies are developed to enhance teaching establishments. And, owing to its top-notch educational system, students from across the globe opt for taking admission to public schools in Dubai. 

Moreover, the personal favourite of every parent is Dubai Indian schools, which offer a curriculum that doubles up the possibility to secure a promising career in the future. So, if you are interested in getting admission or enrolling your child in an Indian Dubai school, you need to follow a strict procedure.

Let’s get to know the admissions process in Dubai Indian Schools:

Online Enrollment

The first step to begin with the admission procedure is to fill out the online inquiry form. And, for that, you might have to go to the school’s respective website. Most probably, on the home page of the school’s website, you will get a registration form, complete it and submit it.

You get an acknowledgment that your online registration has been successful, and you will also get a reference number. Don’t lose this number because you will need it in the further procedures.

The information that you need to provide includes – Student’s name, Parents’ name, grade, date of birth, academic year, mobile number, email I.D., and area of residence. Some even have a section about – how did you hear about us? This helps the authority to expand its reach and enhance its academic features.

Submission of Registration Fees

After the enrollment, you need to pay a certain amount as part of the application submission fees. You can either pay it online or visit the school to pay the registration fees. The entire process depends on the administrators of the school.

Usually, the fees are non-refundable, but some public schools in Dubai offer a refund if you cancel the registration within a fixed period. And, if you haven’t asked for a refund, then it is time for the next process.

Documents required

Now, you need to submit certain personal documents for verification, and the list includes:

  • The original birth certificate and a photocopy should be attested by the consul general in case of an affidavit.
  • Passport of parents and students, along with a valid residence visa.
  • Emirates I.D.s of the parents and students.
  • Original mark sheet of the student from the previous school last attended.
  • Vaccination record.
  • Passport size photograph of the parents and students (The number varies from one school to another)

What about coming from outside the U.A.E.?

Students coming from India can also enroll in any Dubai Indian school. However, they need to provide a few additional documents:

  • You need to produce a transfer certificate which is verified by the Education Officer of the Zone or District or area from where the transfer certificate has been issued.
  • There must be a proper seal and signature of the Education Officer.
  • The documents should be attested by the Indian Consulate in Dubai and the Foreign Affairs Ministry of the U.A.E.

Students coming from Gulf countries also need the documentation mentioned above. But, they need to be attested by The Ministry of education, the Indian Embassy, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the U.A.E. consulate of the respective country.

And, students from within the U.A.E. need to submit the original School Leaving Certificate. And, the document should be duly attested by the KHDA /ADEC / Ministry of Education.

Selection Process

You and your child will be invited to the school for assessment and completion of the admission procedure. The selection procedure varies from school to school; some conduct interviews while others conduct written text. The evaluation is done based on the social and communicating skills of the child, morals, values, and manners.

Due to the pandemic, most of the interviews are conducted via phone or video meetings. Often Dubai Indian schools also conduct a one-on-one virtual tour.

Final Process

After evaluation, you will be notified about the result. A confirmation will be sent to you, and you need to pay the admission fees. You also need to pay the seat confirmation fee, usually a certain percentage of the tuition fees.

You might even need to pay the entire curriculum fees of the year in advance but in installments. Finally, your child will be officially enrolled after the completion of the admission process.


While registering, always check the age-appropriate grade levels which are set by the Ministry of Education/KHDA regulations. This would help you to place your child in the correct grade level. Usually, the registration is limited, based on the vacant seat. However, the school authority has the right to strike off the name of a student in case of absence for more than 30 continuous days without any permission or misconduct in the school premises.