What is Spirit doing to address concerns about COVID-19 coronavirus?

What we’re doing to keep you safe

Spirit continues to adhere to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention rules and maintains in communication with regulators to safeguard the health of our Visitors and Members Of the team. The information about Spirit Airlines Reservations procedures is provided below. The Environmental Agency (EPA) has approved the antiseptics we use on our flights as effective against the COVID-19 coronavirus.

We are following current CDC protocols for Avoiding Disease Spread on Commercial Aircraft. We’ve delivered more cleaning chemicals supplies to our stations, increased the number of onboard supply kits for our in-flight crews, and broadened the cleaning methods that our teams use aboard aircraft, focusing on high-touch locations like handles and seatbelt buckles, tray tables, and armrests.

If you are feeling unwell, listen to your doctor’s advice. Guests flying from prohibited locations and displaying a respiratory disease will be medically evaluated and may be denied boarding. Guests are welcome to bring extra antibacterial wipes and hand sanitizer with them. Please keep in mind the TSA’s liquid restriction of 3.4 ounces or less per item. Follow the CDC’s preventative measures to keep yourself safe and avoid the spread of respiratory infections.

Face Covering

Airlines and airports continue to be subject to federal law, which requires passengers to wear acceptable facial coverings at airports and on flights. So don’t forget your face covered with Spirit Airlines Tickets before leaving your home. The following things are not acceptable facial coverings: Face shields, open-chin triangular bandanas, and face coverings with valves or mesh material. Face shields may be used in addition to face-covering but are not recommended to replace face covering.

Face masks must be worn at the airport, on the jet bridge, and onboard the aircraft. Face coverings should only be removed for eating, drinking, or taking medicine. All facial coverings must be tightly fitting, cover the nose and mouth, be secure beneath the chin, and contain at least two layers of fabric (e.g., disposable non-medical face mask, multi-layered cloth face covering). Children below the age of two are excluded. Other restricted exceptions may be available for a Guest after Spirit Airlines Booking with a disability recognized under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) who meets specific conditions.


To disinfect aircraft, Fogging Spirit employs two EPA-registered fogging treatments. The first employs a high-grade disinfectant that is safe and efficient against coronaviruses. The second method employs an antimicrobial substance that generates an invisible barrier that kills germs and viruses on contact for 30 days when applied to all surfaces.

Travel Warnings

The situation around the COVID-19 Coronavirus is continually shifting, leading to fast altering travel bans among countries around the world. Certain travel and Spirit airlines Flight Booking prohibitions among particular nations are already in place. Others are expected to be implemented. Before Spirit Airlines Ticket Booking and travelling, Spirit Airlines suggests that you review the government’s official travel guides for your countries of travel and destination.

The following are critical travel warnings to ensure that your journey runs as smoothly as possible and that you avoid disturbance on your day of travel.