What are the requirements and ways to get a US E2 visa for Canadian citizens?

You are in the right place to know all about getting a US E2 visa for Canadian citizens to stay and work in the US. Since Canada is one of the few E2 treaty countries with the US, you can get the US E2 investor visa. But it is a complex process that needs huge investment to start a business in the US. Become part of an existing one. Only with the best legal support of the Visa service providers is it easy to get the visa and convert it into a green card for permanent residentship in the US.

So, check out the requirements and the ways to get a US E2 visa for Canadian citizens through the best visa services to have a wonderful life in the US.

What are the requirements to get a US E2 visa for Canadian citizens?

The E2 investor visa is a popular way for entrepreneurs and investors to work and live in the US. But it is a non-immigration visa and a complicated process to get it with many requirements.

  • Since you are from Canada, which has an E2 treaty with the US, you fulfill the first requirement automatically.
  • You should intend to leave the US upon the expiry of the E2 investor visa but can renew the visa innumerable times you want by continuing to fulfill the requirements.
  • Though there is no specified investment for getting the E2 investor visa, it is advisable to invest over one million dollars to get a green card in the future.
  • It would help if you started a bona fide active business and not a marginal enterprise that does not have the capacity in the present and the future for generating more income apart from providing a minimal living for the E2 investor and the family.
  • A marginal enterprise is a business type with no present or future capacity to generate adequate income or provide anything more than a minimal living for the E2 investor.
  • But suppose the business can generate more income in the future by making a significant economic contribution. In that case, it may not be a marginal enterprise but an active business to get the US E2 investor visa.
  • The huge investments made in the business should be from legal funds at risk funds which are irrevocably committed only for the E2 business and should not lie ideal in a trading account.
  • You can make the investment in a US business as an individual or as a company, of which you should be the principal investor and should not be a passive investor.

Simple steps to get the US E2 visa for Canadian citizens

It is easy to get a US E2 visa for Canadian citizens with the help of the best visa services in the following simple steps.

  • Consult with their experts about all the above requirements and more to prepare the documents like bank accounts, tax considerations, and others
  • Next, register with the best visa service and have further consultations with their experienced lawyers to know the many ways for overcoming the challenges of getting the US E2 investor visa.
  • Upload all the required documents on the portal for the expert immigration lawyers to verify it for any discrepancies
  • Prepare a perfect business plan with experts from the top universities in the US to meet all the requirements.
  • The visa service executives will apply to the USCIS or United States Citizenship and Immigration services with all the documents to get the US E2 visa for Canadian citizens within a month.