What are the Best Color and Design Options for Custom Packaging for Subscription Services?

If you are set to design your subscription boxes, you would already be pondering over which colors to go for your custom packaging. Branding is incomplete without suitable color hues dominating the messaging.

Should you pick colors randomly? Or pick colors specifically for your brand image? Even then which colors you should go for? Other important questions include whether you should keep your existing brand colors or switch to a new combo. Psychologists point out the significance of color hues in altering peoples’ sentiments.

This is why businesses, globally, use colors to swing favorable responses from customers. Every color has a different meaning and creates varied emotions among buyers. If you are in the process of designing your subscription boxes, then knowing the different color codes and their uses is a must.

The subscription industry and its functions

Over the years, some e-commerce markets have seen a bigger boom than others. The consumer market for subscriptions is one of the most rapidly expanding ones. Due to reduce consumer disposable times and the recent surge of the pandemic, more customers prefer ordering their favorite items in the form of monthly subscriptions.

Subscription sales highly depend on how the boxes reach customers. Since customers get a first tangible brand feel when they get their deliveries, the boxes matter the most to entice future orders.

Colors are a big part of custom subscription packaging. They determine how the other box designs would look and how the customers would perceive the brand.  Surveys suggest that colors hype brand recognition by almost 80%! Undoubtedly, it is one of the most dynamic facets of making a lasting impression on clients.

Making the most of color shades

To make the most of the available colors, you need to first identify and know what each one does to branding. We have simplified the color codes right here for you. Take a look below:

  • White or black. These are the basic colors. Where previously white often got snubbed due to its simplistic box appeal, presently this clean brand image is highly preferred by customers. The shade of black mostly symbolizes control and a serious attitude.

If you are in a competitive subscription market, then opting for a black or white box base can serve you higher customer retention.

  • Every shade of red represents freshness and energy. Selecting this color to radiate a youthful brand image is a good idea. Also, if you offer subscription services for food items, adorning red is an effective way to let the customers know that the items are fresh.

The color red plays a major role to brighten the brand identity or popularizing the boxes. It is easily spotted and brings more eyeballs to the packaging boxes.

  • Normally, blue depicts calm sentiments. Using these for skincare items or medicines can be a wise decision. Customers instantly relate to the cool effects of blue hues. It would also let them trust the brand for premium work ethics.

This color can be targeted towards working professionals. Subscription brands eyeing the working class can benefit by printing their box base with relative shades of blue.

  • Green or brown. Both these colors are linked with eco-friendliness. Using sustainable packaging is of utmost importance today. Picking green can communicate this easily. Also, brown subscription custom packaging boxes are highly affordable.

Millennials or people interested in climate conservation, are most excited about receiving their orders in basic brown packaging. It certainly exhibits a positive brand image.

custom packaging

The impacts on customer demographics

Consumer behavior studies lament the fact that a majority of customers are drawn to visuals and an appropriate color scheme can positively impact total sales revenues. Buyers are strongly drawn to brands that they recognize due to signature color combos.

The subscription services offer personalized box designs to capture baseline customers. In doing so, they often use varied color codes on the outer and inner box sides coupled with interactive texts. These surprise customers and offer them a retainable unboxing procedure.

There are prominent box aspects that can be influenced using creative color patterns.

  1. The brand logo and title

Apart from selecting font styles and sizes, the colors also matter to make the brand image pop out. We all remember our favorite brands by their logos and color schemes. The background color also plays a large role in making the brand image truly stand apart.

  1. The illustrations used

Graphics become highly visible when placed on complimenting colors. When choosing which graphics and content to put on the boxes, the first factor to consider is the box color. Otherwise, the printed illustrations may not have the desired impact.

  1. Customer preferences

Your target customers would also affect the box colors. As stated above, every customer’s mood depends on the color hues. Picking shades of blue for professionals, green for millennials, red for youngsters, etc., works in expanding brand awareness.

  1. The shopping experience

Invariably, customers judge the brand’s worth via the shopping vibe it depicts. Customers love seeing different angles to their custom printed shipping boxes. Many brands now use multiple colors; the outer cover looking distinct from the inner flaps.

Mixing colors

Often, boxes support a blend of colors. Monotones are far and few in between. But deciding on the right color mix is a tedious task. The final box appearance must effectively showcase:

  • The target customer group
  • The branding goal.
  • The subscription products offered.
  • The budget available for custom printing.
  • The number of resources required for box designing.

While the top 3 factors comprise mixing colors to project the marketing objective, the last 2 consider the financial aspect of the color blending.

No matter what color or colors you decide to go with, they must be coherent in conveying true brand values. These are vital to secure an even flow of future subscriptions.


Now that you are aware of the color codes and how they help in creating subscription custom packaging, it is time to put your thoughts into action!