Various Extracurricular Activities Offered in High Schools in Ahmedabad


Extracurricular activities were known to be the single source of entertainment in earlier days. There were no hi-tech gadgets like fancy LED TVs, laptops, smartphones, and computers. Extracurricular activities have multiple benefits on a high schools kid and even help post-school life.

However, due to our highly sedentary lifestyles, these extracurricular activities are now taking the backseat. Little do we understand the phenomenon of such a sedentary lifestyle—the impact on mental and physical health is drastic.

With the sheer pressure of preparing for the SATs and advanced placement courses, most of the high school students fail to participate in clubs or activities outside school. But if you are intending to get admission to a college, extracurricular activities become essential. Nowadays, apart from academic performance, colleges also consider a student’s extracurricular performance or involvement in the community or campus.


The types of sports available for students depend on the schools. Some common sports in Ahmedabad schools include soccer team softball, baseball, football, and basketball. Playing sports has multiple effects on the brain and physical body of an individual. And, the pressure of becoming No. 1 among the students can be reduced to a certain extent when involved in playing such sports every day, at least for an hour or two.

Most of the Ahmedabad high schools focus on sports clubs because students who have special talents can easily get chances in colleges based on the ‘sports quota’. If a candidate fails to excel in academics but has excellent sports performance, he can enroll in a college through the ‘sports quota’.


Several high schools in Ahmedabad offer club membership to students. If a candidate has an interest in music, he can join the music club to nurture his talent. Similarly, there are reading clubs, dancing clubs and lots more. In these clubs, students get the chance to bring out their inner talent. They get the opportunity to get involved with other students sharing the same interest.

With these clubs becoming a part of high school life, students get to understand their real hidden potentials. The art of working as a team is also inculcated among students, which helps them to thrive in the competitive world as they keep growing. Hobby clubs are also provided where students can pick up and focus on their hobbies, such as playing computer games for learning a foreign language.

How Lack of Extracurricular Activities can Hinder The Growth of High Schools Students?

All work and no play can be dangerous. It kills the inner soul of a child. The potential of mastery, discovery, and flexibility to change can be hindered without extracurricular activities.

The power of invention and growth in a child comes with involvement in extracurricular activities. And, there goes the old proverb—All work and no play make Jack and Jill dull.

We know that Indians are highly obsessed with grades at the cost of emotional stability, social skills, and mental resilience. Beyond just grades, there is an entire world of extracurriculars. If we go with the definition, extracurricular activities in high schools and colleges are perceived in addition to the regular study course. But this is just a simple definition and not convention. Most of the parents just look into this activity as a simple tick mark in the box. And, the most tragic part is we are willing to pay lakhs of rupees as the annual fees, but not ready to leave behind the archaic beliefs about grades.

Fortunately, things are slowly changing and schools and parents are embracing the overall development of a child. We know children and games are the two sides of a coin. So, when a child is force to focus on academics without letting his soul explore the world of extracurriculars, it hinders his personal growth and development.

Importance of Extracurricular Activities:

  • Leadership
  • College entrances
  • Diverse experiences
  • Beyond classroom studies
  • Relieving stress
  • Developing talent
  • Self-confidence
  • Social contribution
  • Social interaction

Global Indian International School Recognizes the Importance of Extracurricular Activities

Fortunately, the Global Indian International School in ahmedabad recognizes the importance of extracurricular activities in the growth and improvement of high school students. The faculties and school committee set up the following curricular activities for their students:

  • Basketball
  • Chess
  • Martial art – Wushu
  • Roller skating
  • Badminton
  • Digital art Club
  • Shakespeare’s drama school Club
  • Reading Club
  • Art Club
  • CNGCA cricket
  • Start-up Club
  • Jhankar Club
  • Story enactment Club
  • Quiz up Club
  • Public Speaking Club
  • Tansen Voice of Global Club
  • Kalidas Theatre Club
  • GIIS chef


GIIS brings a creative platform for every student to hone their talents and skills beyond the regular classroom study. They contribute to both co-curricular and extracurricular activities for the overall development of students. Their main motive is to provide candidates with two major learning outcomes – problem-solving and social development.

The highly trained and skilled sports faculties can identify the weakness and strengths of players, and assist them to improve with every passing day. Students at GIIS get access to numerous exciting clubs, including public speaking, digital art and many more to develop their leadership and teamworking skills.