Using Cookie Packaging Color to Optimize Shelf Stand Out

An ‘unusual color or color scheme in a product and its cookie packaging can undoubtedly help a brand stand out on the shelf. ‘Unusual’ here is defined relative to the color scheme generally used in the product category. For example, imagine a dairy company introducing yogurt in orange packaging. The color will not have a meaningful correspondence with the flavor. Still, it will stand out from the rest of similar products, similarly in the case of cookie boxes for attractive yet unusual color, presumably for much the same reason.
cookie boxes
Congruency in the Choice of Cookie Boxes Color

Sensory incongruence in the cookie packaging is a tricky game to play successfully in the marketplace. After all, the consumers usually prefer those product interactions that they find easier to process, such as those that afford perceptual fluency. They also fall for those cookie boxes with stimulus configurations that match the associations that the consumers prefer. These cookie packaging design associations are likely to be processed more fluently and appreciated more by the consumer. These sensory cues are likely to be perceived as harmonious, and hence the multisensory experience will be easier to process.

Multiple Levels of Color Congruency

In terms of the color of cookie packaging boxes, congruence operates at multiple levels. It can be defined in relation to a product’s flavor, brand attributes (premium, natural, organic, and cheap, etc.), or even with regard to other design elements such as the brand. Imagine spotting bright orange wholesale cookie boxes on the shelf at the supermarket. It may be that the color has been chosen to signify a cheap product. However, you must keep in mind that you can entice or attract the consumers from a popping color like orange, but the consumers may perceive the cookies as orange-flavored due to the orange-colored wholesale cookie boxes. Here the color will be incongruent if the customer interprets the color as signifying the cookies’ flavor. Therefore, it is an intriguing question as to how the packaging experts and designers can make sure that the consumer correctly understands the meaning of packaging color as intended by the brand. As far as the cookie packaging boxes are concerned, the packaging color is always seen as more the general time.

Therefore, in such a case, other packaging design elements can help to constrain the possible meaning ascribed to the color of custom cookie boxes. In terms of shelf standout, custom cookie boxes’ color must be considered in relation to the scene statistics of the shelf display in which they the general timeare likely to be displayed. The Packaging Republic’s team of packaging experts suggests that the use of black custom printed cookie boxes may be used to help a new player in the category capture the attention of the consumers to be found more rapidly. In fact, a few years ago, a high brand launched breakfast muesli in distinctively black product packaging with the idea being to help the brand to stand out in the cereal aisle against the predominantly ‘bright early morning sunshine colors’ that are commonly used in the category. The brand successfully fulfilled its objective of attracting consumers instantly. We suggest you go for an unusual color for custom printed cookie boxes, as this strategy has turned out to be successful in the packaging industry.