Top Reasons Your Website Might Not Perform Well

Is your website not performing as well as you might like? So you keep continuously failing to show results that your competitors easily achieve? It might be time to take a good hard look at your website. Determining what you are doing wrong is the start of making it better.

In recent times, digital marketing measures keep changing. So you need to keep up with the changes or be left behind. To keep up with the rest of the digital world you need to update your website regularly. Doing this will help your business evolve and get rid of all the factors that were holding you back. In order to identify the shortcomings of your website,

check to see if you are making any of these mistakes that can harm even the topmost businesses.

The speed of your website is incredibly slow

The majority of websites aim to load as quickly as possible. Some take the help of the best web hosting company in India to boost their speed. This is a crucial element as most users will wait less than 3 seconds before moving on to another website.

If your website takes any longer than that it will increase your bounce rate. Search engines take this factor into account while determining if users might want to access your website.

Based on this it will rank you higher or lower. So this has a direct impact on the amount of traffic you will encounter. If your customers are leaving before your page even loads or getting the wrong impression, your website has no chance of converting them. It will in turn have an impact on your SEO and revenue too.

You do not prioritize SEO

Google is the best way of attracting more traffic. However, it is incredibly difficult to get your content to rank higher or on the first page. Only the best managed to accomplish this feat. There are several elements that have an impact on this including installing plugins for SEO and getting your keywords right in your content, along with other things.

Your search engine ranking will take a bit if you do not put all of these things into use. Your rankings will call big time if you ignore even one aspect of this as your competitors will always be giving it their all. So should you.

You have broken links

Broken links are those links that do not function anymore. These include those that take you to some other page or website or that redirect on your own website. An error page will be shown if your visitors click on a link that is broken, which basically shows that the page or website that you were searching for is not to be found.

There are several problems that broken links can lead to. It creates a really bad impression of the functioning of your website and business on potential customers. Plus it leads to annoyance if they are unable to access your website.

The question is that if you cannot even handle the smooth functioning of your website, can you be trusted to deliver flawless services and products?

Broken links also let Google know that your website is not continuously worked on and updated. So this can ultimately hurt your search engine rankings. This will automatically mean less number of visitors and a decline in revenue.

Lack of clear content

Your product or service is not clarified properly on your website. Once your visitors click on your website, they should have a complete idea of the products and services that you offer.

In case this is still unclear after a few minutes of browsing your website, they will cost to leave and go elsewhere that provides them with clear information.

To ensure that you easily communicate the products and services you offer to your visitors, especially on small devices like mobiles, you should highlight which problem your customer encounters that you can resolve. Then ensure that the aim of your business is specified clearly on your website.

The website does not respond well

When a user clicks on your website, it sends a message to your server requesting all the content and data needed to load your website. In case your server is leading and trailing a lot of time, your website will find itself showing down even if you have taken care of all other factors and they are working perfectly.

The loading speed takes a significant hit if the server is not up to par. Since server performance is the responsibility of your web host, going for the top hosting providers in India is a good idea. If you go for Linux shared hosting, you will have to share your resources and space with several other users which can severely impact your website. The only thing you can do is choose the best web hosting company in India.

Your target audience needs an upgrade

If your website is not bringing in the audience you are targeting, you will not be able to convert them as they will not require your products and services. So your website performance will take a hit. You might want to ask yourself, the number of visitors that check out your website every week.

You might want to ensure that your target audience actually needs your products and services. You can get analytics on your website so that you get a fair idea about the type of people that are visiting your website. If they do not require what you are selling, you might want to change your target audience.


Your website might be taking a hit due to the number of factors mentioned above. If your website does not respond well due to various factors can also have detrimental effects on your website performance. SEO rankings, broken links, and a lack of clear content can make all the difference.

So ensure that you have taken care of all of these aspects and get a top web hosting company to have your back and boost your performance. Look it here Web Hosting Coupon Code

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