Top 7 ways to gift flowers to your loved ones

Floriography is the art of giving first boats to someone special. The science of floriography would help you choose the best flowers for the recipient based on colours, size and combinations.

If you want to surprise someone special with the above or fresh flowers, you must curate something that admires their personality. How about the cute pink carnations for the cheerful daughter? You can surprise your mother with the shower roses. Your spouse would love to revel in the fragrance of alluring petunias.

Now you can too create a heaven for them. The flowers will help you do that most pleasingly. Here are the best seven ways in which you can present exotic flowers.

Rose products for your loved ones
You can buy flowers for your loved ones in ultimate ways. How about buying a hamper of natural products made with flowers. A face wash with rose extracts and rose water would give her the charm of the flowers. Her skin would glow up to fill the room with radiance. You can select the best natural flower products for your glowing skin. How about a lavender bubble bath? She would love to rejoice in the enchanting fragrance of the lavenders.

Rose petals bath
You can let her rejuvenate herself with the rose petals bath. Warm-up some water in the bathtub and unfurl some rose petals. These would release their soothing oil in it to relax her mind and soul. Treat her with some natural essence and oil. This would be the perfect surprise for the lovely lady after a long day at the office.

Walkway of roses
Spread the romantic vibes all around by creating a walkway of flowers. Let your wife come home to this lovely surprise. As she enters the home, let her feet touch the soft petals of roses. She would be tired after a rough day. But the touch of flowers can cheer up her instincts. You can also light up some tealight candles and let the natural light soothe your souls. Create an incredible flowery galore for her to rejoice in with you, her love.

You can have this affordable way to sparkle up your day with romantic vibes. You just need to create a path with rose petals leading to your bedroom or the room where you have an exquisite dinner just for her.

Rose bouquet
Express your love most divinely. Remember you proposed to her with many flowers in one hand?
Why not recreate that special day and recall all the sweet memories? Let yourself revel in the sweet memories of eternal love. Gift your lovely spouse a rose bouquet just as you did a few years ago. Let that old love hypnotize your lives before the next tick of the clock. Get red roses online and bring back the youth of your love.

Gold plated rose
The gold plated rose could be the most exclusive gift. If it’s your wedding anniversary, then you can delight your spouse with the gold plated rose. She could treasure this unique creation that symbolized your love. This rose would always remind her of your everlasting love and magical relationship.

Heart-shaped chocolates with flowers.
You can find a florist in Mumbai and all of him to curate a heart-shaped bouquet for your love. You can personalize the bouquet with some tulips, orchids and pretty hydrangeas. With the perfect hand at flower bouquets, the florist would add extravagant flowers to your gift. Get midnight flower delivery in Mumbai and surprise your spouse with the first anniversary wish.

Flowers centrepiece
If you plan to throw a lavish dinner for your loved one, then assure that you decorate the table nicely. The tantalizing dishes would be one thing, but the flowers can really awestruck your spouse. You don’t really cook that often. But it’s the perfect evening when the magic of your flavours touch her tongue. You can have fresh flowers to decorate the tabletop. And some rose petals to flavour your meals. You can have Indian delicacies made with rose petals to delight your lovely wife.