Top 6 Honeymoon Destinations in San Juan?

San Juan’s principal city holds many sightseer destinations for visitors to see and do in the city. The town is well-known for its beauty, gastronomy, spending, and Old San Juan’s historic district. 

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Check out the following magnetism when in town:

Fort San Cristóbal

Fort San Cristóbal is the vast fort in America and is similar to El Morro Castle. It took numerous years to get constructed with many variations and is made now till what it is now. This place has been supplementary to the San Juan UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

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Plaza Dársenas

plaza Darsenas can be stretched via San Juan Bay and is a public plaza in Old San Juan offering an attractive view and good atmosphere. Have sight of street vendors vending their products, try out the food trucks providing delicious local tasty treats. Visit this place on Saturday nights where many locals, mainly the elderly, enjoy a free musical sing-along. Get a chair along through you to be comfortable and adore the live show at night daily.

El Morro Castlen

El Morro Castle is a share of the defences in Old San Juan that were constructed under Spanish rule, which is also known as the Castillo San Felipe del morro. This famous tourist destination is the main attraction for locals and tourists, and this castle watches the San Juan Bay’s arrival facing the Atlantic Ocean. 

Visit the court with Spirit airlines reservations to explore the inside of the previous military structure, take an amble around the area or fly kites from the large lawn.

Cuartel de Ballaja

The cartel de Balaji is today a museum of America, formerly a military barracks used by Spanish soldiers. This place offers a music school and loads of drinking launches. The American soldiers used the quarters from the end of Spanish rule till1939. This museum is the architectural landmark of San Juan and boasts a large enclosure and three floors.

San Juan Cathedral

san Juan cathedral is an unforgettable church built-in 1521 located in the Old San Juan area near the imposing structures like El Morro Castle and the Cuartel de Ballaja. Visitors can have a sight of the historic building as the doors of the cathedral are exposed. 

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The Mall of San Juan

This Mall is a two-level mall huddled very close to San Juan International Airport. This Mall features many stylish stores such as Versace, Jimmy Choo, Saks Fifth Avenue, Giuseppe Zanotti, Gucci, and Salvatore Ferragamo. In addition, children are offered a singing area appropriate for travelers and consumers with children and provide many restaurants and shops.

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El Escambrón beach

El Escambrón is a perfect destination to spend a day by the ocean and is the most attractive beach in the San Juan area with a place nearby the Old San Juan and Condado, which are convenient for reaching. Enjoy the famous cafeterias and coffee shops in Old San Juan and bars and refectories in Condado with pleasant dishes and drinks for visitors.

Art galleries

San Juan houses many vigorous art communities and many art galleries that are a must-see. In addition, there are many spectacular best porticos including the Galeria Botello, Galeria Petrus, Walter Otero Modern Art Gallery, and numerous more.

Street art in Santurce

The San Juan area of Santurce is a share of the capital’s emerging art scene and is well-known for graffiti and street art on the Street. Visit the Calle Cerra for the eccentric artworks displaying and lecturing social issues in colorful procedures.

These places make me enthralled for sure. Make a trip to this city via booking tickets on the Spirit Airlines official site and make an unforgettable holiday with your loved ones!