Tips for Success in Running a Seasonal Business in the Month of Ramadan

The month of Ramadan is known as the month full of blessings, where Muslims around the world observe Ramadan fasting and compete to do good in order to increase their reward.

This month there are also various seasonal business opportunities that you can try to increase your income. However, business opportunities in the month of Ramadan are only temporary. This means that goods sold will only be trending during the fasting month until just before Eid.

Although briefly, the seasonal business during the month of Ramadan has very promising profit potential as purchasing power and general public consumption levels increase.

Therefore, you can make good use of this year’s Ramadan moment to do business. Running a seasonal business isn’t difficult. The key, you have to try to do it seriously and have the right business strategy for maximum results.

Then, what are the things that need to be prepared and considered in doing business seasonally in the midst of the rapid business competition this year? You don’t need to be confused, see the following tips for success on a side business during the month of Ramadan.

1. Select the Type of Business and Products of Interest

The main thing that needs to be done is to determine the type of business and merchandise. The tips for a successful seasonal business are to be clever in choosing the types of businesses and products that have the potential to sell well, be liked, and bought by many people.

The following are examples of types of business ideas that can be selected in the month of Ramadan:

Culinary Business: Takjil Food, Sahur Catering, and Iftar, Eid Catering
Fashion business: Muslim clothing (Gamis dress, Koko shirt, Muslim children’s clothes, Muslim clothes, hijab)
Business of Worship Tools: Mukenah, Cap, Sarong, Prayer Mat, Quran, Tasbih
Other Businesses: Dates, Honey, Parcel or Eid Hampers, Eid Mubarak Cake, Ramadan / Eid Food Packages Edition

2. Intense Promotion Offline and Online
The next strategy that is also important to do well so that the seasonal business is selling well is promotion. Make plans and do offline and online sales promotions.

This is important because the moment of Ramadan is relatively short, only 30-40 days. So the more your business promotion is done, the more your product will be known and sold in the community.

Offline promotion strategy tips :

Share your business with neighbors, friends, and family in person or via WhatsApp.
You can also make large text, print, laminate, and stick it in front of the house, or put an attractive banner/banner in front of the house that informs you of your sale items.
Guides promotional strategies online :

Promote your business through personal social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok) or create a business account specifically for sales.
Create interesting post content in the form of photos and videos of your products. In addition, you can also join, sell and promote through e-commerce or online sales applications. Don’t forget to post content regularly!
Prepare more budget to place paid advertisements on social media and e-commerce platforms. This method will increase the chances of your product being known by buyers faster and can be more targeted according to the type of buyer you want.
Hold a quiz or giveaway with the aim of attracting more buyer interest. You can provide promotions in the form of discounted prices, free shipping or direct gifts.

3. Prepare Sufficient Business Capital
The next strategy is to have enough working capital so that your seasonal business is running smoothly, stocks are safe and your customers are satisfied. However, you don’t need to lose your day if you are currently having trouble finding capital to do business in the month of Ramadan this year. Relax, there is a financial solution that can help your business capital problems, namely using a Multipurpose Credit from J Trust Bank.

It’s easy, just by guaranteeing a house certificate, you can get cash loans ranging from Rp. 100 million to Rp. 2 billion, with an interest rate of 12.05% per year with a loan term of up to 10 years.

The loan application document requirements are also easy and the process is fast. In addition to working capital, this loan can be used for all needs, such as home renovation costs, school fees, marriage, and medical treatment.

Maximize Your Business So That Your Business Reaps Many Blessings
When it comes to seasonal business, there will certainly be many competitors. You don’t need to worry, just focus on always maximizing your efforts and keep doing your best. Don’t forget to always innovate, maintain quality and working capital.