Three Good Reasons for Learning English

  1. Communication

First of all, I want to say that I’m not here to sell you on learning English, or convince anyone else that it’s a good idea to learn english. You should learn english because you want to – not for any other reason. If you aren’t convinced yet, then just keep reading and see if anything in this post catches your attention!

But what is there really in life that we can’t do without? What will we do when we no longer have the ability to communicate with others? Sure, we can get by without speaking a foreign language in our everyday lives… but what about in emergencies and other situations where communication is vital? It’s important for everyone (no matter what country they live in) to be able to communicate with others when necessary no matter how difficult it may seem at times! So why does it seem like such a big deal when someone says “I’m not interested in learning another language.” That’s the attitude I’ve seen even among my own friends. As awful as it sounds… How well do you think they’d fare if they were suddenly forced into an emergency situation where they couldn’t speak their native language and didn’t know any english? It might make them think twice about saying something like: “I don’t need English”… But who knows. My students have challenges learning English (and they’re all quite good at it). I think the reason is that they don’t realize how much english can help them in their lives, and for this reason I decided to put together a list of “Ten Good Reasons to Learn English” or ten reasons why you should learn english.

  1. Traveling

I remember when my family and I went on vacation to England a few years ago… It was an amazing experience! We took a bus from London up north into Scotland, and back again on the other side of England passing through many small villages along the way. It was truly a fascinating trip, especially since it wasn’t long before we had learned all there was to know about England’s history!

There are many places in Europe that only speak their native language! In fact, English is not even considered an official language in some European countries (like France). So if you want to visit these places while being able to communicate with others… You’d probably better learn some more than just “Hello” and “Thank you”… But if someone doesn’t have any idea of what another country is like before going there… How can they possibly enjoy their vacation? There are so many things out there that we haven’t seen yet, but we’ll never get the chance unless we go looking for them ourselves. That’s why I think it’s vital to learn english.

  1. Work Opportunities

My students are mainly high school students, but they’re also considering their future after graduating from high school. What will they do with their lives? Will they continue on to college? Will they work for a company? Or maybe even start up their own business? And what about the ones that don’t go to college or decide not to pursue any of those options… How will these people survive in this world without knowing english?

When I first started teaching English as a foreign language, my students were quite young and didn’t really think about what kind of jobs would be available to them in the future. But now that some of them are nearing graduation, it seems like almost all of the kids are thinking about doing something “creative” with their lives (acting, music production etc.). And while these might be great jobs for people who want more than just a simple office job or working at McDonalds… These professions require more than just having an English degree! They’ll need experience if they want any chance at getting hired by production companies or movie studios.


I hope you enjoyed reading this post and were able to find some useful information in it. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave me a note in the comment section below. I’ll be sure to respond as soon as possible!