Things To Remember Before Going to Kashmir Trip

1. In the winter, keep cold cream and lip balm on hand, and in the summer, sunscreen during kashmir trip.

Kashmir has a diverse climate, with very cold winters and scorching summers. Because the temperature might drop to -10 C in the winter, a moisturizer and a lip guard are essential to keep your skin and lips hydrated throughout your journey. The heat in the Kashmir valley, especially at high altitudes like Gulmarg, can be very harsh on your skin, and you can quickly become sunburned, therefore wear a heavy layer of sunscreen before going out during the summer.

2. Carry a little bag with you at all times.

Make sure you have a little bag with you; you may need it for small-item shopping or to keep your phone or any daily tickets safe from falling while walking up the hills and mountains.

3. Bring a portable charger, an extra memory card, and a waterproof camera case.

A power outage is wreaking havoc in Kashmir. Power outages are common, especially in mountainous stations like Sonamarg and Pahalgam. Make sure you have a power bank with you at all times so that your phone never runs out of juice. Also, because there are few mobile electronics markets in the area, bring plenty of memory cards for your camera. Also, bring a waterproof camera bag; you don’t want your camera to be damaged if it rains unexpectedly.

4. Carry proof of your identity (Original, No photocopies)

As we all know, Kashmir is a conflict zone, therefore you’ll have to go through a lot of security procedures. You should always have a genuine and original identity proof with you because you don’t want to end up trapped amid a crowd of suspects. It’s usually a good idea to be extra cautious throughout your vacation so that you don’t miss out on any of the enjoyment.

5. Make sure you have enough cash with you.

You should be aware that Kashmir is a small city with little modernization. Because it isn’t like your big cities, finding ATMs is difficult. Make sure you have enough cash on you at all times so you don’t miss out on anything. Also, there are very few hotels that have automated debit machines, so keep enough cash on hand to pay at the hotels as a precaution.

6. Only use a post-paid SIM card.

If you have a prepaid cell phone, your SIM card will not work in Kashmir because roaming is prohibited for security reasons, according to India. Post-paid connections, on the other hand, will work fine. If you’re a foreigner, your hotel may supply you with a local sim card, or you can easily buy one from mobile phone companies.

7. Carry a flashlight and first-aid supplies.

Because, as previously said, Kashmir suffers from a severe power outage, bring a torch with you. You don’t want to get yourself wounded in the dark if the power goes out unexpectedly. Furthermore, due to Kashmir’s unpredictable environment, there’s a good risk you’ll develop a cold and become ill. As a result, keep critical medications on you at all times.

8. If visiting a religious site, ladies should wear a headscarf.

Many Sufi shrines can be found during Kashmir Tour Package from Mumbai. so the city is known as the city of Sufi Saints. These shrines are not only revered for their reverence, but they are also as beautiful as any other known garden. You should always make a point of visiting Kashmir’s well-known sacred shrines. However, you should be aware that you must bring a headscarf with you and wear it before entering these sites.

9. Remember that there are no Ola and Uber in Kashmir, as well as Swiggy and Zomato.

Because app-based taxis are not available in Kashmir, you will have to rely on traditional taxis to get between places like Srinagar, Pahalgam, and Gulmarg. You should keep some food on hand in case you get hungry late at night, as delivery service is limited and not available after dark.

10. Arrive at Srinagar Airport two hours before your flight and remember to identify your bags.

Unlike other airports throughout the world, the Kashmir airport will exhaust you. You should keep in mind that you will be subject to about 4-5 security inspections before receiving your boarding pass. As these checks will take a long time, arrive at least 2 hours before your scheduled departure time. Also, make sure your luggage is identified before boarding the airline; if you don’t, you won’t be able to get your luggage afterwards.

11. Avoid Srinagar on the 26th of January and the 15th of August by spending the day in Gulmarg, Pahalgam, or Sonamarg.

Due to its location in a war zone, Srinagar maintains a high level of security on India’s national holidays. If you’re planning a vacation around these dates, keep in mind that you won’t be able to walk around Srinagar during these two days, and there’s a slim chance you’ll have access to a cell network.

12. Before heading to any hill station, make sure you have good shoes (Gulmarg, Pahalgam, Sonamarg).

When visiting a hill station, keep in mind that there will be many hills to climb and many short excursions and tiny peaks to complete. To avoid slipping on your excursions, make sure you have well-gripped athletic shoes. Because you might step into a puddle or a stream, your shoes should be waterproof.

13. Start at half price and bargain as much as you can.

In Kashmir, start bargaining at half the price indicated by the merchant, and if you are a foreign tourist, start bargaining at 1/3 of the price quoted. Don’t worry if you can’t locate anything you want in one store; you’ll be able to get it at a lesser price in another.

14. Don’t talk about your shopping list with your driver. You’re free to go shopping on your own.

If you tell your driver you want to buy something, the common response is that he will take you to his siblings’ or relatives’ or known ones’ shop and assist you in getting discounts. This is what they call a tourist trap, so don’t fall for it. In this trap, they profit from the shop’s commission, while you pay even more for items that you could have purchased for less if you had gone on your own.

15. If you’re travelling by car, bring your original documents.

In Kashmir, police seize cars with non-J&K licence plates and issue challans for minor infractions. It is preferable to have the original RC and insurance paperwork on hand. So as a best travel agents in Mumbai, we recommend that the person whose name the car is registered should be on kashmir trip with you or in your first relationship, otherwise the police will make this a problem. Taha Firdous contributed to this article.