The Use Of Crystals In Beauty Products

Crystal healing therapy has been around for a just now, quite recently, these magical stones and crystals have made their way into mainstream beauty and wellness lines. The use of crystal-infused beauty products has become an important role in skincare and make up a gym today. They’ve also gained some spiritual understanding in ritualism as well. The use of crystals in beauty products has made the process of getting ready a little bit more fun and enjoyable. Embracing these crystal healing therapy crystals in one’s skincare routine makes it easy for a crystal lover to infuse with crystals and surround themselves with positive energy on a daily basis. Not only are they included in makeup and skincare products, but they also impart a special benefit to the user. Give them a try and let us know how you feel.

Here are some of the crystals that are used in the beauty and wellness industry as part of makeup and skincare:

  • Quartz – Is one of the most powerful crystals used in the process of crystal healing as seen in the crystal healing the complete practitioner’s guide booklet. It is celebrated for imparting the healing to one’s soul and amplifying all positive energy around you. It is believed to absorb, store, release energy. In fact, it also helps to unblock some energies. According to the philosophy behind these Quartz Crystal, also known as the master healer, this crystal helps to boost immunity and service one just about any condition. By using any skincare spray that contains quartz, you can be sure to find yourself with an enhanced level of meditation and calm anxieties.
  • Garnet – the crystal Garnett is generally associated with wisdom, sensuality, beauty, and that of passion. It is prized for the ability to revitalise one’s body spirit and mind. By using a skincare element that contains garnet, one can easily exfoliate their faces as well as the spirit. It inspires new joy, and laughter. It feels like the weight of the world is lifted off one’s shoulders. They are perfect use as the fragrant toner that includes fragrances of light flower essence such as daisies.
  • Amethyst – the stone is proudly known for the power to boost one’s intuition and to eat during the process of meditation and lucid dreaming. It is also known as a very calming stone. And it does inspire patience and peace, clearing away all the negative energy from around you. Their best use in essential oils and roll-on for headache. They go very well with almond oil and have a minty, yet light floral fragrance to it. In fact, quartz and amethyst can both be used to dispel any amount of anger, anxiety, and fears.

You can easily learn about these crystals on courses specific to crystal healing for beginners