The Story of Jewelry

A Brief History of Jewelry

Jewelry has been around for thousands of years. The earliest forms of jewelry were made from shells, bones, metals and other natural materials. When humans began to leave their nomadic ways behind and start farming, jewelry became more important in society. One example is the necklaces worn by royalty to show off their wealth. Not long after that necklaces became a symbol for marriage among the upper class. Men started giving their wives necklaces as an engagement gift or when they got married! You can see how jewelry has changed over time; it was used as protection against other tribes before it came to be seen as a symbol of love or status. Even today, people make jewelry out of natural materials like shells and bones (for instance, you’ll see these in earrings). Recently I saw some cool cufflinks that were made out of deer antlers; they looked really neat! There’s no real end to who makes jewelry or what you can do with it; all sorts of people make it while using various different methods (and there are tons more examples than I could ever list here!) Jewelry is something special because each piece is unique even if two pieces look the same on the outside – there’s always something about them that makes them different! For example, my mother’s wedding rings are very similar to mine because we both have diamonds on both sides. I bought some moldavite rings for her, which are special because they’re made out of meteorite. How cool is that?

Why I Love Jewelry

I love jewelry because it’s so versatile! You can wear one piece alone or you can put on many pieces at once to create a different look. I also like the way it looks; when someone wears a favorite piece of mine, it makes me feel special and proud even though I’m not wearing it myself! Jewelry is an ornament that tells people who you are without saying anything – what you wear says a lot about your personality, how you spend your time and how much money you have (or would like people to think). It can be worn in all sorts of settings, from casual events to more formal ones (I wear it even when I’m volunteering). What makes jewelry even more interesting is the fact that each piece has a story behind it. Did someone give this ring to me? Did my grandmother make this necklace for me? Each piece has its own history and if we forget where our jewelry came from then we’re missing out on something important! This brings us back to college students: if we want our future careers to have meaning then why don’t we get into the habit now by tracking down old family jewelry or buying new pieces with meaningful stories behind them? In addition, there’s no age limit on wearing accessories so there will always be something for everyone regardless of their age.

Where Can I Find Jewelry?

Now that I’ve explained why I love jewelry so much, let’s talk about where you can find it. There are several places where you’ll find jewelry, both online and in stores. You can go to department stores like Macy’s or Sears to buy necklaces, bracelets and earrings. These places usually have a large selection of casual pieces at reasonable prices (and they’re easy to return if they don’t work for you). You can also check out smaller shops in your area; these often carry more unique pieces that are harder to find in larger chains (or even online). The best thing about local shops is the fact that the people who work there will know their inventory better than anyone else! If you see something with someone’s name on it or something with an interesting story behind it then ask the person who works there; chances are they’ll know what it means! There are also many reputable retailers online where you can buy necklaces, bracelets and rings. A few good websites for this include Blue Nile, James Allen and GemSelect. Each of them has its own perks so be sure to check them out before making a final decision on which one is right for you! Blue Nile offers high quality gemstones at affordable prices while James Allen offers very nice design services if you need help picking out an engagement ring or necklace for someone special.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about jewelry and if you like what you see then check out some of the links I’ve included!