Charm Necklaces

The Art of Wearing Gold Charm Necklaces for Women

Jewelry for women has a simple formula to make it look appealing- keep it effortless. The moment you try to make it over the top, you’ll lose the charm and will instantly start looking like a clown.

The goal of this article is to help you understand the way to style women’s jewelry. Be it a gold charm necklace or a gold bracelet; these rules will apply to all. The small pieces of gems and metals can have a great impact on your look and people’s opinion regarding you.

Read the four basic rules of wearing women’s jewelry. 

1. Keep it simple

Whenever you are skeptical about your jewelry, decide to keep it simple. You can start with the classic leather strap watch. Or, if you wear a watch regularly, you can also consider a sporty watch with a stainless steel band. After that, move to other accessories. 

Once you are used to the general accessories and are comfortable wearing them, start adding other accessories and jewelry pieces like gold charm necklaces to your collection. You can take style inspiration from many icons like your favorite Hollywood celebrities or fashion divas. 

2. Match metals 

The majority of women’s jewelry is metallic. Golden and silver metals are the most common ones. To keep a balance and make it look appealing, wear the same metal throughout. 

Gold is a warm color that comes in deep to lighter shades. It goes well with darker colors like brown and other earth tones. Make sure that you purchase similar shades of gold jewelry pieces and do not end up with accessories that do not match each other. For example, a 14k gold chain necklace for women can come in different brightness and shades. To match it with the earrings, you need to match the tone. 

3. Understand symbol of jewelry

Every jewelry piece has a meaning. 

You cannot ignore this fact. Regardless of the minor change in visual presentation a jewelry piece brings, people pay a lot of attention to them, mainly because they are flashy. 

People interpret different meanings of the same jewelry piece. For example, an ornamental ring symbolizes wealth and success to some, while they are associated with crime affiliation by others. 

It means that you have to be careful when wearing any jewelry. Try to style jewelry that adds charm to the outfit rather than adding a dainty flash. For example, a gold charm necklace can add class to your suit if you wear it a single piece. On the other hand, it can look flashy when paired with other jewelry pieces. 

  • Avoid ostentatious styles
  • Wear meaningful jewelry
  • Know when to wear it

4. Jewelry and dress codes

Company dress codes can highly affect the choice of jewelry you can wear. It is important to choose jewelry pieces according to your company’s dress code for its employees. Therefore be careful about styling necklaces. 

In some companies, you may be able to style everything you want; in others, you aren’t even allowed to pierce. That is why adhere to the dress codes and style accordingly. 

Those were the pretty basic rules to pull off the women’s jewelry. Get your hands on the best gold charm necklaces and show the world how you style them!