Steps to check Andhra Pradesh Land Record Details on the Meebhoomi Website

Accessing vital information related to land records has become simple owing to the digitisation of land records across Indian states. Launched in June 2015 by the Andhra Pradesh Government, the Meebhoomi portal offers an array of services to the people of this state. This includes accessing an electronic passbook for checking property details, viewing land records, etc.

To check Andhra Pradesh land record details online from this portal, individuals of this state can access the 1-B document and Meebhoomi Adangal

How to access ROR or 1-B document details?

Go through all steps mentioned below for checking land records by accessing ROR or 1-B details after visiting the official Meebhoomi AP website:

  1. Navigate to the ‘1-b’ tab on the website’s homepage and choose between ‘Village 1-b’ or ‘Your 1-b’ from the drop-down menu.
  2. Select from ‘Name of the graduate (landowner)’, ‘Account (Khata) number’, ‘Aadhaar number’, ‘Automation records’ or ‘Survey no ’.
  3. Choose zone, village, district, and fill the specified field for account/ survey/ landowner/ Aadhaar number, captcha code and select the ‘Click’ tab.

After this step, the screen will display the details related to the father’s name, landowner’s name, Khata number and survey number. Individuals can have a detailed view of the 1-b by clicking on the underlined landowner’s name or Khata number. One can print this through the ‘Print’ option given on the page.

How to access the Adangal document?

Individuals must follow the steps mentioned below after visiting the official Meebhoomi web portal to gain access to the Adangal document for a plot of land:

  1. Click on ‘Adangal’ and choose between ‘Your Adangal’ and ‘Village Adangal’
  2. On the next page, choose from the given options – ‘Automation records’, ‘Account number’, ‘Aadhaar number’, or ‘Survey no’. 
  3. From the given drop-down menu, select district name, village name, zone name, and fill up the fields for account/survey/Aadhaar number, captcha code. Then select ‘Click’.

After this step, individuals can view the Adangal document on the next page. They can print the same by clicking on ‘Print’.

What is a 1-B document?

Popularly known as 1-B in this state, a ROR (Record of Rights) is an extract of a land record maintained by the revenue department of Andhra Pradesh. This document is maintained separately in the Tahsildar’s office in every village. It can be used in court proceedings for acquiring loans and verifying a seller’s information.

A Meebhoomi 1-B document is sourced from the separate and manual registers maintained in the village, listing land records before implementing the digitisation procedure on the official website.

What is Meebhoomi Adangal?

Meebhoomi Adangal is a detailed account of a plot of land situated within the geographical limits of Andhra Pradesh. Locals of Andhra Pradesh also recognise Adangal as ‘Pahani’ or ‘Village Count Number 3’. It is used for checking land details during buying and selling land.

The Tahsildar issues this document, and village administrative authorities maintain this document. It provides information about various aspects of land, such as crops grown on the land, nature of procession of land, Khata number, total land area, landowner’s name, hissa and survey number of land, water resources, etc.

Now that the basic aspects of the Adangal and 1-B document are clear, one can proceed with the above-mentioned steps for accessing the records. 

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Property owners of Andhra Pradesh who want to access land record details on the official website of Meebhoomi must follow the steps mentioned above.

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