Some Small Business Ideas You can Start in Low Investment

A business is defined as an organization. Engaged in commercial, industrial, or professional activities. There are different types of business we can see. Business is an occupation or trade. To sell products or services to make a profit. An organization whose purpose is to sell its best services and earn profit. Small businesses are corporations, partnerships have less annual revenue than regular-sized businesses or corporations. If you are thinking about starting your own business with low investment.

1)  Event planner:

We all know weddings are never gonna be stopped. No matter what the economy becomes. There is always a market for weddings. If you have creative skills then start event or wedding planning. The wedding industry is a profitable business. You need some money for this business. In the year 1016 to 2022 Wedding planning business grew 10%. Top wedding planners can earn $130,000 in a year. Start hands-on practice. To start this business you need to invest. Without investment, you can’t start it. Getting a loan to your bank or thd cbna can solve your financial problem.

2)  Social media influencer:

Social media has become necessary for us. Most people have their smartphones and they use social media. If you have talent. You can build a career as a social media influencer. Create an account. And start posting relevant photos, videos, and high-quality posts. That can give an impactful message to your audience. Instagram, Facebook are great sources of marketing. This is the best option for girls. Kylie Jenner, ines de ramon is a famous social media influencer. You can show your talent to the world. A contract creator on Instagram who has 100,000 followers can earn $200per posts. Someone with 10,000 followers can also earn $88 per post. You can also start a vlog on YouTube. Just create your account and share interesting videos on your youtube channel.

3)  Online Bakery:

In India, the online food business is one of the most profitable businesses. Bakeries are quite popular. Start an online bakery shop with homemade recipes. Cakes are the main part of the celebration. Sell different types of baked items as well. Like pizza, cupcakes, cookies, bread, etc. If you can do it properly, this is a very profitable business. For this pandemic situation, people prefer online hygienic food. A bakery business can make 60k-1 lakhs per month.

4)  Freelance writer:

If you have knowledge of writing. You can establish yourself as a content writer. Content writing is in great demand. Businesses understand the demand for content. Every successful website needs informative and interesting content. Slowly this profession became very popular. If you have basic skills in writing, language. Learn about SEO, online marketing, and the digital world in general. You can build your career without investment and properly.

5)  Private Tuition:

The education industry is always in demand. Education is something that is never gonna be stopped. Private tutoring is convenient for both teachers and students both. You can also start an online tuition class. Select which grade you want to tutor. You can work with your local area. Learn how to teach effectively. stay in touch with the new syllabus.


Starting your own business has several financial benefits. When you start your own business you are self-employed. You can control your own destiny. The business gives you independence. You get freedom and get time for yourself. Every business has financial risks too. Starting a business doesn’t matter if it’s big or small. Good management is the pillar of the business. Know the needs of your customers. Improve customer service. Use social media platforms to promote your business. Everything that grows needs time. Follow your passions, belief in yourself, and most importantly work hard. Hard work is the main key to success.