Skin Specialist Near Me – An All-Inclusive Guide To Skin Tightening

The skin of a person will inevitably show signs of aging after a while. It’s an entirely natural process that you can’t stop. Your skin will loosen up once it starts losing proteins called elastin and collagen. The situation results in the formation of saggy skin and wrinkles on your hands, face, and neck.

A skin specialist near me can offer different types of anti-aging treatments to alter the look of aging skin. Dermal fillers are effective, but only for a few months. Plastic surgery is also worthwhile but expensive. Besides, it involves a long recovery period. That’s why you should opt for radiofrequency skin tightening treatment procedures.

How it works

If you know a thing or two about radiofrequency, you can probably guess that it’s non-invasive. Indeed, radiofrequency-based skin tightening methods are non-surgical, and they usually take place inside the office of the skin specialist near me. The dermatologist will use a wand connected to a machine that generates radio waves.

Your skin doctor will pass the wand over your body to apply radio waves to your skin. These waves generate heat, which, in turn, prompts your skin to create more elastin and collagen. This particular form of skin treatment even speeds up cell turnover so that the skin becomes thicker and firmer with time.

How it helps

The process continues approximately thirty to ninety minutes, depending on the amount of skin you want to treat. It involves little to no discomfort at all. At this point, you’d probably want to know which areas of the skin this technique will work on. Well, radiofrequency skin tightening is a perfectly safe and effective form of treatment that can target different areas of your body.

Usually, the skin specialist near me will target the neck and face. However, it works equally effectively on the loose skin of your upper arms and belly. A few dermatologists even offer radiofrequency for body sculpting and vaginal rejuvenation.

Things to know

If you’re new to radiofrequency treatment for skin tightening, the skin specialist near me wants you to know a few things about it first. In terms of safety, this form of treatment is harmless. Even the FDA approved it for skin wrinkle reduction. The effects of radiofrequency treatment start appearing almost immediately, but more significant improvements become visible later.

Mole checkup. Professional dermoscopy

After concluding the procedure, your skin will continue to become tighter for up to six months. As it’s a non-surgical procedure, there isn’t any recovery time associated with it. You should be able to return to your regular activities right after treatment.


Even if you find it disappointing, the truth is that the effects of radiofrequency skin tightening treatment aren’t as long-lasting as surgical procedures. Then again, the expenses of treatment aren’t as high as invasive techniques. You can expect the results to last at least a year or two. After that time, you’ll need another session.

If you opt for dermal fillers, however, you’ll require multiple touch-ups every year. The machines used in providing radiofrequency skin tightening treatment are available for commoners to buy and use at home. They won’t be as powerful or effective as the ones owned by professional dermatologists, though.