Six Stunning Benefits Of The Best Automated Guided Vehicle

The eCommerce market value was crossing over 4 trillion dollars in 2020. The logistics market value is growing at a CAGR of 6.5% to reach 12,975 billion dollars in 2027. Hence the need for the automated guided vehicle is also increasing to reduce the costs, time, and effort.

Also, the picking robot will eliminate manual handling of goods at warehouses for speedy and precise unloading and loading for timely delivery of products to customers. These two innovative products have become inevitable requirements in the supply chain for picking, sorting, packing, and loading the products for on-time delivery to customers.

So, please continue reading the importance of automated guided vehicles & picking robots to speed up the supply chain for satisfying the customers and developing the business beyond expectations.

The increasing importance of automated warehouses with guided vehicles & picking robots

The Deloitte conducted 2021 MHI Annual Industry Report confirms supply chain professionals want the following best uses of automation and robotics in warehouses. While 15 % want full warehouse automation, 42% want automated warehouse movements using automated guided vehicles for picking, packing, and sorting orders, 34% want it for loading, unloading, and standing. 30% want to pick robots for material and product movement within the warehouse facility.

The benefits of automated guided vehicle

After the first industrial revolution, the fast movement of goods and products became essential. There were a few failed automated guided vehicle attempts during the 1950s and 1980s because of many reasons. But with the advancing technologies like cameras, sensors, AI, IoT, and others enabled automated warehouses with guided vehicles for their various functions.

And the other important reason is the tremendous increase in the storage of goods at warehouses worldwide which needed more than manual labor. Only then could they get the materials for manufacture in time and deliver the finished goods to the consumer on time. The following benefits of automated guided vehicles enhance the warehouse activities effectively.

  1. Eliminates the hazards of human handling of hazardous materials and tasks to safely unload, pick, sort, and load them without any damages
  2. Enhances the warehouse safety by safely transporting even heavy materials at monitored speeds with increasing and decreasing facility
  3. Reduces human errors occurring because of being tired or distracted to cause damage to the products and the warehouse
  4. Since there are no leaves, holidays, or timings for the AGVs or the automated guided vehicle systems, it is possible to do the warehouse work continuously with no break to meet even short deadlines.
  5. Avoids damages due to collisions of humans as AGVs fitted with sensors, cameras, lasers, and others to not collide with each other
  6. Increase inventory accuracy and efficiency by managing AGVs with WMS or warehouse management systems to track inventory automatically.

The above facts and benefits will surely convince anyone to use the automatic guided vehicle systems made by the best technological solutions provider to improve your business to unexpected levels.