Reasons why your home has low shower pressure

We love taking showers. They help us relax after a long and exhausting day, ease our muscle tensions and wash our anxiety and worries away. But lately, your showers have become less enjoyable as the water pressure has taken a dip. Let’s see what happens and how you can fix that.

• One of the primary reasons could be that your home’s main shut off valve is not open all the way (If unsure about this, check if the level handle is parallel to the pipe). A partially or fully closed valve can limit the flow of the water. If unsure about where the valve is, it is generally where the main water pipe enters the home.

• A malfunctioning water softener can cause a sudden and drastic change in your water pressure. So make sure it is working properly. It is always recommended to hire a professional providing plumbing repair service in Smithfield,Utah,since water softener can be a bit tricky to fixdue to their delicate and intricate make. The use of brute force or hard objects can cause irreversible damage.

• Sometimes a clogged aerator in a faucet can cause low water pressure. The aerator, which is a tiny screen at the end of the faucet, can be clogged by debris or rust over time. You can hire plumbers offering faucet leak repair services in Hyrum, Utah, or detach the screen from the faucet, clean it and then re-attach it.

• We all have a water heater in our homes for our beloved hot water baths. But sometimes, sediment builds up over time to block the flow of the water can cause low water pressure. This can be avoided by regular maintenance and cleaning of your water heaters by a professional.

• Sometimes a cracked or damaged pipe allows water to leak out, decreasing the pressure of the water flow. But it is not easy to find these faults since pipes are laid beneath the floors or behind the walls. Professionals offering plumbing repair service in Smithfield,Utah, can easily find these faults and fix them for you.

• Pressure regulators do what their name suggests. They regulate the water pressure for you. But sometimes faulty regulators may not work as they are intended to and affect the water pressure throughout your home. If that’s the case, a professional plumber giving faucet leak repair services in Hyrum, Utah, can easily diagnose and fix the problem.

• Over time, all the minerals and sediments present in the water can block the pipes of your homes. These blockages not only cause low water pressure but due to excess amount of water pressure behind the blockage can often result in pipe bursts. So, it is better to hire a plumbing repair service in Smithfield,Utah,to avoid these problems.