You only have this auspicious day once a year to acknowledge and express your thanks after years of back and forth and mocking one other. Gifts come in many sizes and shapes, as well as a wide range of prices, so even on a tight budget, you may discover a great rakhi gift for sisters. Your sister always send rakhi to UAE to keep the rituals of Raksha Bandhan alive! Here are some gift ideas for your sister under 500 and 1000 rupees to help you choose the right present for this Raksha Bandhan. 




Scooty Key with a Personalization 

Bikes are everyone’s valued belongings, and many individuals like customising parts to fit their personal tastes. If your sibling shares your passion, you can have their bike key personalised to their preference. There are many creative designs accessible on the internet that will easily fit into your budget of less than Rs. 1000. So start looking for that stylish design so you can acquire the key on time! 


Chocolates with your name on them 

Do you know what else is a prized possession? Rakhi presents with a personal touch! Because chocolates are the most popular gift on such occasions, personalise it to make it stand out. You can choose from the following options for personalised chocolates: 


Cost of the recipient’s gift 


Rakshabandhan Special Bar Combo with Rakhi Rs. 500 is the best Rakhi Gift for Sister. 

Rakhi Potli for Elder Sister Personalized Rakhi Gifts Rs. 700 

Rakhi for Little Sister: The Best Rakhi Gift Cadbury’s Birthday Party Rs. 550 Rich Dry Fruit Chocolate Box with Rakhi 

Rakhi Return Gifts for Sister Silk Personalised Bar Rs. 350 

Rakhi Gifts for Sister-in-Law with a Twist Cadbury Celebrations Gift Packs range in price from Rs. 135 to Rs. 400. 

Silk Miniatures Rakhi Gifts for Married Sisters Rs. 600 

Assorted Gift Pack Best Rakhi Present for Bhabhi Celebrations Rs. 199 


Socket Pop 

The desire for possessing one-of-a-kind pop sockets is sweeping the country, with many people stockpiling them. You can also get your sibling a pack of pop sockets of various varieties to quench their demand for style. This is the greatest Rakhi gift for sister under 200 rupees that you can acquire on this occasion! 


Flash Drives with a Unique Design 

We’ve all had that bad period in life when our laptops weren’t backed up and all of our important data vanished! Get your sibling a flash drive to save them the bother and pass on the knowledge. They’re available in a variety of amusing styles and odd forms, and they’re also very affordable. This will be the best Raksha Bandhan gift for your sister under 1000 rupees! 


Inventive Wallet 

This is a concept that will be well received by your family, as giving wallets is considered lucky. You may easily find a wonderful and unique billfold for your sibling among the unlimited variety of billfolds available, such as a trifold, slim case, zipper, and cardholder wallet. So choose wisely and provide a small letter to express your gratitude! 


Set of Makeup 

If your sister likes to wear makeup, she almost certainly has some items in her online shopping cart. You can certainly choose something from her wishlist for a rakhi gift for sister under 500 and give her something she’s been wanting for a long time. This gift idea will completely surprise her! 



Coffee mugs are the most cost-effective gift option, costing under 200 Rupees. You can also discover mugs with quotes or designs from your favourite TV show if you look hard enough. So, best of luck with your search! 



Isn’t it true that our sisters mature quickly? They begin to take on responsibilities at a young age. As our sister matures, watch her turn into a powerful woman that can conquer the world while holding a beautiful planner in her hand. Planners are underappreciated rakhi presents that allow our sister to safely record her daily activities, such as important meetings, daily to-do lists, and catch-ups, in a book. 



We can’t dispute that our sisters look lovely in sarees, no matter how much we ridicule them. When it comes to draping a saree, our sisters are a carbon copy of our mothers. So, this Raksha Bandhan, get a saree as the greatest gift idea for sisters and remind her of her beauty. 


To you and your family, a very happy Raksha Bandhan! May this Rakhi occasion offer you some wonderful gifts.