Quick Tips To Upgrade Your Interior With Mirror Wall Tiles

The mirror can change the appearance of any room by creating drama, adding light, depth, and volume to it. When we talk about mirror wall tiles, many use them as an element of decoration while others install them for their functional feature. Whatever may be the reason, here are some tips that you should definitely consider before getting the tiles installed in your rooms.

  • While using mirror wall tiles to decorate a room, one should always go by a set of rules in order to to make the room look stylish and harmonious. Please note, only properly placed mirror tiles can turn out to be decorative otherwise they will be all tasteless.
  • Start with paying attention to the composition on one of the walls or ceiling. This is because when you place the mirror tiles on the wall so the elements that are reflecting it will be defining the overall look.
  • Mirror wall tiles are the best fit for compact rooms because they give an illusion of bigger and expanded spaces. Moreover, if you wish to make your room look wider and taller, you always have a scope for placing the elements in proportion. To do this, you can use diamond-shaped tiles or try placing your tiles diagonally.
  • If the mirror tiles are placed on the ceiling rather than the wall, like most of the hotels do, you can make the area look higher. But if the space is already large, you should avoid placing these tiles on the ceiling as that way it will give an illusion of emptiness. For small rooms, place the tiles at the center of the ceiling along with contour lighting.
  • You can also install mirror wall tiles opposite a window. This will help you get in more and more light in the barely lighted rooms. But do not place them under direct sunlight. Doing that may affect their appearance and lead to fading of their reflective surface.
  • Make sure you do not install mirror tiles on opposite walls. By doing so you will give rise to an optical effect of endless corridors.
  • Please note, there should not be too many objects reflecting against the mirror. The objects should be minimal for the reason that too much will create visual clutter. Instead of visually expanding the space you will end up making it look even worse if there is too much on the wall.
  • Before getting the tiles installed on the wall, lay them down on a flat horizontal surface just to understand how will they look once they are on the wall. Ike every other tile, mirror wall tiles also have tolerances in their dimensions. This means you will need to move them and select an appropriate place for them so that they fit each other properly.
  • One of the most common mistakes that people commit is they overdo the tiles. It is important to consider what quantity of tiles are needed. In case you find it less, instead of overdoing the tiles try combining them with materials like metal, wood, stone, etc.

Once you are done placing mirror wall tiles, keep them clean with a moistened cloth twice a month and you are good to go!