Why and Who Should Get the Penile Thickening Done

Men have many sexual problems like erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation. And for the treatment of all these diseases, Sexologist is the right choice. Many couples face disruption in pleasure due to the short penile and can lead to separation as well. Hence, through penile enlargement surgery or penile thickening, one can get the desired shape of penile and get more active in sexual activities.

There are other methods as well like pumping, jelqing and traction. Although these methods are not researched enough. Which is why the penile enlargement surgery is a better choice. One need to be very sure about the penile enlargement surgery for Micro penis.

In penile enlargement surgery the surgeon attaches suspensory ligament at the penile shaft, giving it the desired width and length. Clinically, a penile can increase to 2 to 3 cms, differ from person to person.

What is Penile Thickening

Penile enlargement or penile thickening is a technique to increase the width of the penile through surgery.

Penile enlargement or thickening increases the satisfaction and confidence of a person. The sexual relationship has shown better results after undergoing the surgery. It has also helped in maintaining a better relationship with the partner.

Let us first understand what is micro penis? The usual length of the penile is around 5 inches. But in any case if the penile length is less than that or is around 2 or 3 inches, Then it is called Micro penis. The penile enlargement surgery is done to increase the length of micro length penile.

Does the size matter? According to a survey, women believe that thickening is more important than length. The increase in width leads to satisfaction and stronger realtionship.

Why Penile Thickening is Required

Nowadays people are not confident about what their penile size is and  they are required to do penile thickening. The best way to get your penile thick is through penile enlargement surgery.  And there are various reasons to get penile thickening.

In case if you are having an unusually thin or skinny penile, you can also go under surgery to correct the penile curvature. Mostly men trying to get the penile thickening desire wider penile.

Insecurity or under confidence can also be one of the reason for men to go under the surgery and try to gain confidence with extended manhood. In case a person is having a deformed or buried penis, they can go to penile enlargement surgery to bring it to the correct shape.

Ways to Get a Penile Thickening

Internet assures a lot of ways to increase the penile width. But hardly any of them are useful and harmless. Many men end up connecting their manhood with their penile and get embarassed about its length or width. Although these are not major concerns and can be dealth with.

Pills and lotions 

Companies claiming to increase the penile size through lotions are numerous. But none of them are trustable enough. There’s absolutely no clinical evidence that these products work and some may even be harmful.

Vacuum devices

The vacuum pulls the flow of blood in the penile and makes it swell, leading to penile thickening. Although overusing these pumps can damage the penile tissues, leading to major health problem.

Penile Extender or Jelqing

Penile extender involves placing a weight on the flaccid plates and stretching it for several hours. While Jelqing is a regular exercise of pulling a flaccid part of penis through thumb and index finger. In, both the cases there is no clinical evidence proving these methods correct or safe.


Penile enlargement surgery is clinically proven. In penile enlargement surgery, the suspensory ligaments are taken from one part of the penile and are injected in the penile shaft. This Increases both the length and width of the penile. It has shown 100% result with an increase in penile from 3 inches to 5 inches. It is the best and most trustable way to increase penile thickening.

Penile Enlargement Surgery from the Best Sexologist in India

Dr. Chirag Bhandari of IASH India(Institute of andrology and sexual health), a famous and the best sexologist in India for penile thickening surgery. Dr. Bhandari has specialties in men’s sexual health from London. He has numerous certificates proving his brilliance. Dr. Bhandari has treated thousands of patient so far and always succeeds in even complicated cases.

Dr. Bhandari has an impressive work ethic as he believes only in clinically proven facts and work accordingly. Furthermore, IASH has got all advanced machinery which are not available anywhere else in India. Dr. Bhandari is immensely talented and knows his art very well.


There are many ways through for penile thickening. Although, not every method is clinically correct or safe. The penile enlargement surgery is a right way to increase the width of penile. Although one cannot trust any sexologist with treatment. Dr. Chirag Bhandari of IASH India, Institute of andrology and sexual health is the best sexologist and andrologist in India for penile thickening surgery. Furthermore, he has multiple degrees from different global institutions and have a speciality in men’s sexual health.