Online Assignment Help: A Big Fraud

Who chose online assignment help?

Students who are studying abroad, mostly in Australia, the UK, and the US often choose online help for their assignments for different individual reasons. When they search for assignment help, they often found websites, and online services that are big scams; they not only charge big amounts from students but make false commitments and promises. For example, they assured the student that their assignment will be prepared by the professor or the expert who has enough knowledge in the subjects, but in reality, the assignment is done by the people who are also the students.

Problems with Online Assignment Services

There is no problem in the business or services you provide to people as long you maintain transparency with the client, these websites that are popular for their assignment services have less educated experts who somehow manage to retrieve the information from google to complete the assignment. There is a big difference between papers prepared by a graduate or undergraduate student compared to a paper prepared by a professor. These websites charge around $10 from students for 250 words or for a single page, which means they almost charge $100 for a 2500-word assignment which is a huge amount for these companies operating from India, Pakistan, Nigeria, and other low- and middle-income countries. They have lots of experts in different subjects who write these assignments at cheap prices, and some expert works as permanent workers.

No Transparency

In a competition to earn more and deliver more papers, these cheap website companies hire students to write the papers and set the targets for them. There is no problem for the companies, and for students; however, in a race to write more, and earn more, they complete a 2500 paper in 4 to 5 hours without getting it to the point which causes huge trouble to students. A big question comes into mind who is responsible for students’ failure in most of these assignments when experts fail to deliver quality assignments, well the answer is clear, it is the companies, yes these online websites that do not have good experts, make false promises and hire students to complete the assignments. A research paper of around 2000 words or more cannot be completed in 4-5 hours, and if prepared, it can surely lead to failure. Students on average receive 10% of the income that a company generates from a single assignment; for example, if they charge $100 for 2500 words, they only give $750 to writers, therefore, they write more words with no logic and sense to make more money. These websites or companies can improve their services by providing more money to the writers, and hiring actual professors who have relevant knowledge, but still they doing fraud with students by not making it transparent.

Impact on Students’ Careers

Writing experts are mostly from India, and Pakistan is involved in these services and cannot reach the contexts of subjects when assignment levels are higher such as post-graduate, Ph.D., and research. Despite their effectors and research, they make wrong papers. A student who experienced similar problems can understand how many times they have failed, and asked to change the paper due to irrelevancy, and lack of information on the subject. Therefore, students are recommended to go for freelance experts rather than using a website for premium service. They do not have anything premium, experts who work as a freelancer give more focus and priority to the assignments compared to those who are working like robots in companies just to write anything for the pay. We are not freelancers, and we are not against any company or service, but this is the dark reality of this business. A student who orders an assignment from a website thinks that they have chosen an Australian or UK-based website; however, they are unaware of the fact that an Indian or Pakistani parent company holds it, and this will make them fail. Not all students fail, but the question is if you pay a huge amount, you should get good services.

Below are the major problems with these companies that make false promises.

  • High-price, low-quality papers
  • Fake testimonials
  • Local writers with less knowledge of English
  • No professor, or professional writer

Fake information about website registration as actual companies are operated from Asian countries is another reason why these services are not good compared to that they do not have a money-back guarantee, however, some companies refund but only in cases where students fail.