Must Known Facts About Tree Trimming for Beginners

Must Known Facts About Tree Trimming for Beginners


Are your trees getting bigger and dangerous? Trimming your trees is significant for many reasons. It is essential for both the beauty of your trees and your health. By understanding the basics of tree trimming, you might be able to deal with this kind of work yourself. Many efficient tree trimming tips can make you trim your trees in good shape.


If you are willing to do it yourself, it can be risky. Mainly if you are doing it for the first time or you don't have the correct equipment. However, you don't need to worry, as, in this article, we have written down the tree trimming tips for beginners. It will surely guide you in your trimming project.


While trimming, you need to take necessary safety precautions, as the branches keep falling in quite risky ways. That can be dangerous for you, your belongings, or your family.


Why You Need to Trim Your Tree


  • Safety: Safety is the fundamental reason for trimming your trees regularly. However, trees in your backyard or front can be great for the value and beauty of your home. At the same time, they can also be hazardous if you don't treat them properly. Branches and limbs can sometimes die, and these dead branches fall off with the minor brush of wind. It can be dangerous for anyone.
  • Tree Health: If you take care of your infected tree properly by cutting away the rotten branches and limbs, it can get back to its perfect health. You can improve the flow of air around the tree by thinning away its crown. Good airflow will add to its health.
  • The look – lastly, let's talk about the look and beauty of your tree and your home. No one likes to have a terrible tree in their backyard. Strategically it would help if you trimmed your tree once or twice a year. It is a great way to keep it healthy, sharp, and beautiful. At the same time, keep in mind, you should not trim the unnecessary branches to enhance their beauty. It could result in the poor health of your tree.


General Tree Trimming Tips


Often, it is best to prune or trim a tree during the early weeks of winter, i.e., the dormant season. Have a look at more tree trimming tips.


  • Be careful about the size of the branch when you start removing them. It is fine If it is five or less than five centimeters in diameter. If it is more than five or between five to ten centimeters in diameter, you may not like to do it. If the branch is more than 10 centimeters in diameter, do it if you have a suitable season.
  • Don't trim those branches that have U-shaped strong angles. Only trim branches that are V-shaped and have narrow tips. 
  • If lateral branches are not between one-half and three-quarters of the stem's diameter, you should remove them.
  • When you finish trimming, the proportion of living crowns to the tree's height must be two-thirds.
  • It's better to trim away the branches when they are young. Young stems are easier to trim. Also, the chance of leaving bad scars is lower.
  • Retain trimming those branches that are too long to too close. 


Hopefully, these general tree trimming tips will positively help you while decorating your tree.


Do's and Don'ts for Tree and Hedge Trimming


  • Check the trees after storms or heavy winds. Examine if trimming is essential to eliminate any damaged or broken branches.
  • Read up about various pruning methods to prevent destroying your trees.
  • Prune those trees that are overgrown and bushy and trim those branches that are near your house and roof.
  • Trim dying, broken, or infected branches that have high possibilities of falling off on your powerline, house, or people that reside in your property.
  • Avert trimming more than 25% – 35% of the tree's greenery at once because this could result in damaging the tree's health. 
  • Don't trim unless it is crucial.
  • Do not trim older trees only to increase the beauty of the tree.
  • Trim only the young ones only to eliminate broken or dead branches.
  • Avoid using a sealer to seal any scars after trimming your tree. It could decay the branches.




Everyone loves the view of trees in their compounds. Undoubtedly, tree trimming is a daunting job for the majority because the look of our backyards makes a difference. We need to know the skill of tree trimming better. The mastery of cutting trees requires skill, diligence, and patience. Also, you must have proper trimming equipment. 


Last, we have to say that tree trimming requires professional arborists and experts. If you're not confident enough about taking responsibility for yourself, we recommend you look for tree trimming services in Birmingham, MI. Getting professional for your tree trimming is probably the best option because it can be a risky job if you don't do it correctly.