Maintaining Your Airbrush Tan the Right Way

It shouldn’t come as a great surprise that a good airbrush tan spray can make one feel like a million-dollar doll. In fact, getting an airbrush standing from OKC can give your skin a sunkissed glow that lasts for a long while. If you have just gotten yourself the best spray tan from OKC, then learning to maintain this glowing tan is important.

In fact, the airbrush tanning in OKC will blow your mind with the efficiency and coverage it provides. It is one of the industry-leading tannery that has quick tanning sessions that can be completed within 20 minutes while giving you a lasting impression for at least 4 to 10 days, depending on the maintenance plan you follow.

Here are some of the tips you need to follow in order to maintain your airbrush stand for a long while:

  • Avoid taking hot showers or baths –The best way to help maintain your spirit, and especially if it’s an airbrush tanning from OKC, then you should avoid showers or birds that are too hot. Hot water can cause the topmost layer of one’s skin to peel off. The topmost layer is the red color layer by your spray tan. Instead, Always opt to take a shower or a bath in lukewarm water. And most importantly, remember to spend only the bare minimum amount of time bathing. After taking a shower, make sure that while you’re drying using a towel, instead of wrapping yourself and rubbing your skin off after a bath, make sure to pat dry yourself. Otherwise, you could drop off your tan easily.
  • Moisturise well – the term moisturize should not be taken lightly. In order to retain your spirit and for a long while, it is essential to moisturize your skin. The use of lotions and oils adds to your skin in staying moist and stops the skin from drying out and cracking. Skin that is dry and cracking will begin to flake off your tan and show your bare skin underneath. Using a moisturizer that has either shea butter or coconut oil as the main ingredient can help lock the moisture into your skin. Ideally, the best time to apply these moisturizing lotions is after taking a shower.

Use an additional self-tanner – even though you’ve gotten yourself the best spray tan in OKC, using a high-quality self-tanner in your home can increase the lifetime of your spray tan. As soon as you begin to notice you’re done feeding away, in order to help you increase the life of your spirit and use a self-tanner at home. Apply yourself tanners all over you as soon as you take a shower. This could make the tan color look darker and prominent for longer periods of time and increase the length of time you can sustain your spray tans.