Is schooling expensive in Singapore? An in-depth guide for school fees

Schooling has changed drastically over the years. There is a significant difference in the facilities and curriculum options that children get now and what the children used to get a decade or two earlier. Technology has taken over, and competition is also on the rise. All these factors directly impact the fee at private schools in Singapore. Does the rising secondary school fees in Singapore signify that you cannot get the quality education in your budget? Let us find out.

Factors influencing school fees

Before you figure out the fee you should consider expensive, understand the factors that influence the school fees. 

Curriculum Options

There are multiple curriculum options these days, and the schools that get affiliation of the international boards charge a bit higher fee. So, for example, expect to pay a little more for CBSE, IGCSE, or Montessori schools than the schools that follow local boards. The difference is not much, but it is definitely a prime factor that decides the secondary school fees Singapore

Technical Advancement

Technical equipment and SMART classrooms are a clear indication of contemporary learning. It helps improve the understanding of concepts in children and will eventually improve their scores. If a school uses audiovisual practices to teach children, they would have to charge more to maintain the equipment and hire qualified professionals for successful implementation. At the same time, these practices make children familiar with the advancements and help them keep up with the changing trends. 

Facilities at School

A school with a fully air-conditioned campus, security surveillance cameras, and other facilities like a swimming pool is expensive. Call it expensive or the price you pay for the utmost convenience and better learning of your child. Moreover, multiple playgrounds for different sports, availability of all the sports equipment, and separate sports club also contribute to increasing school fees of private schools in Singapore. For a child who has an inclination towards sports or fine arts, these facilities are essential. At the same time, the schools offering these facilities also need to maintain them. It clearly explains the increased cost.


If the school is far from your home, you would have to opt for the transportation facilities offered by the school. It will be an additional charge in the school fee. However, if you compare it with the money you will spend if you drop your child yourself, the school transportation services would be cost-effective. Thus, even if it is an additional cost, you are only paying for the easy commute of your child.

These are the factors that justify the difference in the fee structure of different schools. It is up to the parents to decide what they want to prioritise and pay the cost that it comes at. Understanding the competitive world in which your child would have to survive, it is advisable to make this decision wisely. You should always prioritise the quality of education over money, but it is vital to do a cost-benefit analysis. Ensure that the school’s fee is worth the facilities it offers. 

In the end, it is fair to say that schooling is not really expensive in Singapore. Like every other country, you will find the school options in your budget. All you have to do is carry out thorough research and analyse the essential factors to choose a school that fits your budget. It will be convenient to find even the international schools offering quality education that charge comparatively less than the high-end schools providing the same facilities. Follow a strategic approach and make wise decisions, as it will impact your child’s life directly.