Is Avast Cleanup Premium worth it?

Avast Cleanup Premium is a device-optimizing tool that can speed up your PC by scanning and removing junk from your computer. The software boasts that it can speed up a PC by efficiently cleaning up junk files and fixing all the minor issues on it. Here, we are going to know Is avast cleanup premium worth it by discussing all the major features of this software.

Benefits of using the Avast Cleanup Premium

There are lots of features that are provided by this software and all of them are mentioned in Avast Cleanup Premium Review. We have outlined all those features below to check is Avast Cleanup Premium worth it:

  • Bloatware removal: Bloatware is the apps that are preinstalled on your device. These are basically the software of the manufacturer and it is very hard to remove them. Avast Cleanup provides features you can remove third-party software that takes excessive disk space and memory.
  • Registry cleaner: Registry is the core of a device as most of the system files are store there. Avast Cleanup helps you to remove hidden junk from the Window registry and fix the problem in your PC.
  • Sleep mode: This feature helps you to improve the performance of your computer and by putting the apps that are rarely used to sleep.
  • Automatic maintenance: It also provides an auto-maintenance option. Through this feature, Avast will itself take care of the device. Besides, it will also update all your programs and software to their latest available versions.
  • Defragmentation: With time it is obvious that hard disks become cluttered and fragmented. But using this software will let you optimize and defrag the hard disks.

So, these are the amazing features that are linked to the use of the Avast Cleanup Premium. These features can eventually help in boosting your device’s performance.

Is Avast cleanup premium free?

Yes, after installing Avast cleanup premium, you have access to use all the features and functions without paying a single penny. But you can use it for a limited time of up to 30 days only. When the limited free trial periods end, you need to buy a subscription to continue the use of Avast cleanup premium.

The single-user license of Avast Cleanup Premium will cost you around $29.99. Although opting for the multiple user’s licenses will cost you around $34.99 and will provide 10 licenses.

Conclusion: Is Avast Cleanup Premium Worth it?

Well, there is no doubt that this software provides some amazing features. However, if you are looking for a single-user license then it is not worth spending $29.99 on this software? There are many free or low-priced alternatives available in the market you can use such as CCleaner.

Although opting for its multi-user license can provide you worth as through this plan, you can use this software on up to 10 devices.


Which is better CCleaner or Avast cleanup premium?

Some users found that CCleaner is better than Avast cleanup premium because it meets the need of their business. When it comes to comparing the quality and prices of ongoing product support, CCleaner is the most preferable option.

Does Avast security premium include cleanup?

No, Avast Cleanup Premium is not available with Avast security premium. For using this software, you have to purchase any of its standalone versions.

Does Avast Cleanup Premium slow down your PC?

Overall, you will not find any loss in performance while Avast Cleanup Premium is installed on your device. However, you may find a bit of impact on your device’s performance while using it in the background.