Impressum – An introduction and deep analysis

Here, ‘Impressum’ is a Latin word adopted in German, which means ‘Imprint,’ ‘Credits,’ ‘Legal Disclosure,’ ‘Legal Notice’ or ‘Statement of Ownership.’ It’s a fancier word of ‘about us’ and ‘Terms of Conditions (TOS)’ pages.

It has given a legally mandated statement of a document’s ownership and authorship in business, and Impressum is a consistent legal term used primarily in Germanic countries. The “Impressum” by law must include books, newspapers, magazines, AND websites in these countries.

Hence, we see what is an Impressum page on the web is similar to an “About Us,” “Company Info Pages,” or “Terms & Conditions” page. The term Impressum also has no such legislation in English-speaking countries yet. Still, similar laws and publication terms regarding owner/authorship disclosure. For example;

Masthead: usually found on the editorial page a list of its board members for newspapers and magazines.
Colophon: a note indicates metadata about the book, such as the date of publication, printer, and publisher for books.
Imprint: Hence, under the UK Printer’s Imprint Act 1961, which alter the earlier Newspapers, Printers, and Reading Rooms Repeal Act 1869, any printer can put their name and address on the first or last leaf of every paper. Also, under the Political Parties, Elections and Referendums Act 2000, any election material — including websites — must show the name of the material’s promoter and the name and address of the person on whose behalf it is publish

Here, n
one of these terms is an exact equivalent in all contexts to an “Impressum,” so certain principalities and jurisdictions an Impressum still be necessary.

How do we Write Impressum for your Facebook Page?
Here, the Impressum section should have the following information about your Facebook page;

Name of your Business or Organization.
Address of the Business or Organization.
Here, the Business or Organization Contact information; fax number, phone number, e-mail.
Hence, the name of the owner or manager of the Page and the Business or Organization.
Thus, the registration and license number(s) for the Business or Organization.
Here, the links to your Business or Organization’s official website’s Impressum page.
Here, click About on the left side of your Page
Now, click the Page Info
Then, click to edit the Impressum section and add your info
Click the Save Changes

Here, the visitors to your Facebook Page will be able to see this information when they click the ‘About’ link below the Facebook Page’s profile. Hence, Facebook has limited the characters. You may use qt 20000 for the ‘Impressum’ entry.

On Facebook, you provide the minimal basic information that Facebook wants to legally cover if you base in a jurisdiction where the Impressum is mandatory. Here, Facebook is an easy way to manage the situation by implementing minimal code and resources.

It should base in a jurisdiction where the Impressum requires by law. More information will need depending on your Business or Organization and its service type. Facebook can comply by providing the means to enter and store the minimal information while offers a link to the Organization’s official or Business Impressum page. Thus, the liability is transferred to the Business or Organization creating the Facebook Impressum.

Are there legal consequences for not having an Impressum?

It largely depends on where you locate. Since an Impressum is mostly a German concept, if you are a German business and do not have one displayed on your web page, there may very well be legal implications. Here, it has become common for copyright holders and lawyers to send abmahnung, similar to cease and desist letters, for websites missing an Impressum.

How do we edit or remove the Impressum from my Facebook page?

Here, you cannot access the Impressum if you are using Facebook’s most recent layout. If you need to edit or remove it, you have to go to the top right-hand corner of your Facebook window (it doesn’t matter if you are on your Page or your profile), hit the down-facing arrow, and select the option to switch back to the old version. It will display the “edit page info” button in the top right-hand corner. Now you should click that and scroll down, and boom, there it is. Here, it must not format for use in the new layout.