How Top Primary Schools in Singapore are developing?

Children learn most when they have engaging content, materials and are actively involved in their own learning using meaningful resources, where they are also given relevant learning opportunities. 

Top Primary Schools in Singapore are evolving and the way students access, engage with learning materials continues to evolve too. 

21st Century Students have access to a wealth of knowledge with just one click. This has changed the way students learn these days. It has become very important that students must develop various skills which prepare them for life beyond the classroom.

Students are digitally savvy and self-directed learners so they need more personalised, engaging and relevant learning opportunities such as online learning tools and resources which can enhance their learning experience.

Schools that have constantly incorporated new learning technologies as per the current scenarios and keeping in mind the future trends, in their curriculum are able to support the growth of students. If you are worried about Primary School fees in Singapore then leave your worries they are affordable compared to other international schools in the world.

So here are a few changes in learning technology which is incorporated in most of the Top Primary Schools in Singapore 

Use of eLearning Platform

Online eLearning platforms are being used by many schools to provide access to learning materials in form of videos, lectures, and also to show students progress and achievements. 

Students are also able to record, share, track their learning, receive feedback etc all these in one place in a secure online space. 

The online platform helps students to evaluate and reflect, whenever they wish. Students can rewatch content and can solidify their understanding of a topic. In case of missed a class, they can catch up with the content of the lecture from anywhere.

Personalised attention

Teachers communication on this online platform is directly linked to a specific student which is closely monitored. It helps teachers to closely track each students strengths weaknesses. Each student gets their personalised attention and time to learn at their pace. Online platforms help to maintain each students privacy and progress. Parents can check Primary School fees in Singapore track their pending fees, get notifications for upcoming payments and pay their child fees online.

Engaging Parents in eLearning

The online platform helps to involve parents in their child’s learning. Communication tools on this eLearning platform empower teachers, students and parents to share information quickly and easily. Parents can also reach teachers with just one click and share their feedback. Parents are also engaged in their child’s learning through various activities without having the need to leave their homes.

Digital Calendar

Students now are aware of their next steps due to the digital calendar on the e-learning platform. They know what they have to do next, what is their task or assignments, assessment dates, extracurricular activities time tables etc all these due to digital calenders in front of them.

It helps them in two ways; one is that they are able to organise things accordingly which improves their organisational skill necessary to thrive in a school environment and is a valuable trait for this new age of learners.


The second is that they learn how to manage their time successfully to stay on top of their learning goals and not to miss anything.

Visually-Engaging Learning Content

Visually-engaging learning content is created by teachers, school authorities using learning management systems. Multimedia-rich content such as video, graphics, slideshows is used to create interactive content in the learning process which helps students in the complex topics that demand a great level of understanding.

Embrace The Power Of Communication

With ease in Communication, students are easily able to communicate through e-mails, student chat groups etc which gives them a medium to interact with their co-learners and teachers too. This gives them the power to discuss topics, courses, raise doubts etc

Implementation of  Virtual Reality (VR)

Virtual Reality (VR) is a relatively new technology that is going to be implemented in online learning. On average, the brain remembers 10% of content read, 20% of what it hears and about 90% of what is being stimulated.  It can be of a great boon for students who are physically disabled, as they will be able to explore the entire world through their headset which can also have a positive impact on their learning process.

A Team Of Competent And Skilled Teachers

No matter how advanced or unique the eLearning management system Top Primary Schools in Singapore uses, competent and skilled teachers are still the backbone of the school. They create courses as per the requirements of the students. They create a well-thought curriculum and associated elements to make the learning process seamless. They conduct result-oriented assessments for students who were not able to score better and provide them with step-by-step learning programs to help them score better.


There is a need to refresh and enrich primary education by incorporating new technologies, e-learning activities to maintain pupils’ interests and needs.

Information and communication technology has to be taken into account and acknowledged in primary education as learning tools. The e-learning concept is refreshing, enriching, interesting which caters for the needs of 21st-century learners.

The main goal of incorporating technology is to develop a love of learning and self-direction so that they can ultimately become life-long learners. So put your child in Top Primary Schools in Singapore where technology is in line with the curriculum and the student’s learning needs and goals are fulfilled. It enhances and accelerates learning, support the development of our student’s proficiency in the era of creativity, critical thinking and problem solving, leadership, collaboration, and communication.

Teachers plan lessons and activities that would get them excited about learning and encourage them to go out and learn more.

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