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How to Tell the Difference Between Moissanite and Diamond? Key Points to Observe

When it comes to engagement rings, most people think about getting a diamond engagement ring. But there are other options available on the market that you can consider. Some of these options are just as beautiful as diamond rings. And one of these options includes moissanite rings. Moissanite jewelry is gaining more and more popularity with every passing year. In fact, many people prefer moissanite jewelry, such as an oval moissanite engagement ring over diamond rings.

If you like buying jewelry, then you must be familiar with moissanite. It is considered an alternative to a diamond because of how similar it is to a diamond. Still, there are many differences between the two. If you want to learn about all the differences between moissanite and diamond, this post is for you. Today, you are going to learn about all the differences between moissanite and diamond. This will help you make the right decision for yourself. Having said that, let’s get into it.

Difference 1. Brilliance

Diamond is extremely popular because of its brilliance. So, let’s start with learning the difference between the brilliance of diamond and moissanite. But what is brilliance? Basically, the ability of a gemstone to reflect white light is called its brilliance. The refraction of a gemstone determines its brilliance. It defines how much ‘sparkle and fire’ the gemstone has.

Now, moissanite is known for having higher light refraction, which means it can disperse light very well. In fact, moissanite has better brilliance than a diamond. Plus, moissanite does not attract as much grease or dirt over time as diamond. Diamond have a crystal structure. So, you have to constantly get your diamond jewelry cleaned in order to keep it looking good for a long time. That is why a lot of people consider buying moissanite in Toronto.

Difference 2. Price

Now, we all know that diamonds are extremely expensive. Buying diamond jewelry is more like an investment. You have to think a lot and consider many things before buying expensive diamond jewelry. But what if you can get a gemstone as beautiful as a diamond but less expensive?

Yes, moissanite is cheaper than diamond. If you are looking for an engagement ring, you can find a beautiful one made using moissanite as its gemstone. In fact, moissanite can be 80 to 90 percent cheaper per carat than a diamond of the same size. That means buying a moissanite ring can be more beneficial instead of buying a diamond ring. 

Difference 3. Durability and hardness

You have to understand that not all gemstones are created equally, and every gemstone has different durability. For example, gemstones like sapphires and emeralds are not a good choice for everyday wear. They are very brittle and vulnerable to chipping and shattering.

But that is not the case with diamond and moissanite. However, diamond is still the hardest gemstone available out there. And moissanite is the second hardest gemstone. 

A lot of people are now considering buying moissanite in Canada. This gemstone is cheap but still looks as beautiful as a diamond. So, these are three main differences between diamond and moissanite that you should be familiar with.