How to Score Well in PTE’s Mock Test?

PTE is not an exam; it’s an experience. It is observed by people who have taken this PTE mock tests successfully.

The exam is about performing well rather than preparation. Even if you prepare your best with all the tips and tricks and best materials. If you get worried at the final moment, you will fail it all. So, to build your confidence, you need to practice language academy PTE exam practice mock tests.

Get it in place at the last moment, this practice test will help you boost your confidence, and you can crack the exam easily.

Why do you need to score well in mock tests?

  • It makes you familiar with the test format

When you know the PTE test format, you can prepare accordingly. The preparation time differs on the basis of your English skills and targeted score. It makes you familiar with the type of question. Also, it seems tricky when you practice for the first time.

  • Practicing boosts your confidence

You have the facility to take an online PTE exam mock test where you can check your preparation for English assessment. It helps you to check where you lack in preparation. Improving the areas, you get to know in mock tests will improve your real test score. By scoring well in mock exams, you are ready to take the PTE exam and able to clear it with a good score.

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Tips for scoring well in the mock test

  • Prepare for test in a loud place

It sounds crazy! The PTE exam room is not like any other exam hall. Try to practice a few sections in noisy places, so you can get used to the atmosphere. Right now, it seems funny to you, but you will surely see the difference when you make it to the exam room. These kinds of practices help you let your brain focus on one relevant piece of information. And it cuts down all the trivial noise and chaos around you.

  • Don’t jump to the speaking section first

It looks out of the box to be the first candidate to start the speaking section. Instantly don’t start your speaking section. To be accurate, do not be the first candidate to attempt it. When you attempt first, you feel distracted from other candidates when they attempt their test in a quiet room. You feel chaos around you.

Let’s say you are waiting for other candidates to speak first and then begin with your speaking section. In this way, your brain will get used to the atmosphere. And it will not get distracted.

  • Attempt your PTE mock in morning slots

It is observed that human behavior is most intelligent and active during the wee hours. When the day passes, our mind and body tend to be less productive and responsive. Therefore, it’s time to take advantage of the smart brain when it peaks in the early morning before it dies in the afternoon.

This quick trick will help you stay active when you are attempting the actual PTE test. So take your practice mock test in the morning. It’s a great idea to take advantage of your active mind.

  • Look forward to a test room full of noise.

The test taker will speak very loudly on the microphones to give a clear sound. It is not false to say that to win the half battle of the PTE exam; you need to survive the exam environment. It is great if you practice your mock test in a chaotic and noisy room so you can stay prepared for the much-hyped PTE test.

Yes! PTE exam centers are not like usual ones. Where you can get through an organized, silent, and peaceful environment. Also, another major disturbance is the noise of keyboard tapping sound that can really frustrate you. It is difficult to concentrate on your test. Practice speaking out loudly and clearly on the microphone and practice giving tests in a chaotic room so you can pass the test easily without any error.


PTE exam mock tests are more difficult than you thought from the real PTE test. Let’s say you scored only 45 but don’t get demotivated. By regularly practicing from language academy PTE mock tests, you can score 79+ in each module. It is the best decision you will make before your real exam as it makes you experience the test situation. Be prepared and give your best.