How to Get Rid Of Headaches Without Medication

One of the most common issues faced by a person whether he works at an office or a person who stays at home watching the screen of the phone 24/7 is headaches. Some of the headaches are very easy to deal with as they can b treated with some rest and a good night’s sleep however there are some of the headaches that become extremely exhausting for you and can cause you severe pain and irritation that hinders the way of you functioning properly.

According to the doctors that sit in the top hospitals in  Peshawar there are certain headaches that can make you suffer pretty bad. And the most common one that is faced by a lot of people on a daily basis is the tension headache. There are then cluster headaches too that can make your life miserably equally like the tension ones. While there is a migraine too that can be really severe.

There are a number of medications that one can take in order to soothe out the pain that they are experiencing. But the best option is to try and treat them naturally by sitting at home. Here are some natural and effective ways that you can opt for in order for you to get rid of these headaches. 


If you are not focusing a lot on making your intake of water as it is needed then you are very much likely to experience bad headaches. Chronic dehydration is a very common cause of severe headaches and tension headaches. Drinking at least 8  glasses of water a day is enough. So it’s not necessary to run after the medication as soon as you feel a headache.

If you stay dehydrated for a longer period of time, it is very much likely that you will end up being cranky and easily irritable. And this can worsen the symptoms pretty bad.

Adequate Sleep

Sleep deprivation is a very serious issue that is often neglected here. It can be due to a disturbed routine or you suffering from insomnia which is the inability to sleep despite trying. There are several pieces of research that prove that people who sleep for less than 6 hours are very much likely to suffer from headaches and the ones that are extremely severe. The frequency of the headaches also increases with time.

There are other studies that say that getting too much sleep is also directly linked with getting severe headaches. So, it is important to take the adequate amount of sleep that is needed to function properly. I would suggest you sleep between 7 to 9 hours that making an average of 8 hours of sleep.

Increase Magnesium Intake

Along with controlling the nervous system functions and maintaining blood sugar levels, magnesium also helps a lot in getting you the beauty sleep that you want. Get your selves checked if you feel like having recurring headaches that get worse with time. A deficiency in the levels of magnesium can be a huge cause behind having headaches.

It is normal to take 600mg of magnesium in a day in order for the body to function properly. This way you can tackle your severe and migraine headaches. You can add magnesium by eating magnesium-rich foods or by having magnesium supplements that are easily available in the market for you to buy and consume.

Essential Oils

These oils are very famous for the aroma that they provide. These are actually extracted from a number of different plants. Some of these can be digested whereas others are used as therapy by just using in the parts ff body or just by putting in the room somewhere.

Lavender essential oils and peppermint play a very important role in relieving severe headaches. If you feel that you get a lot of migraines then it is lavender oil that is very beneficial for you. It can reduce and even manage the symptoms of tension headache and even in the case of migraine it does magic.


Frequent headaches can be very deadly for some people to experience. Instead of using headache medication, I would suggest you go for options that are natural and treat you well.