How to find an institution with the most affordable school fees in Abu Dhabi?

Schooling is an important tenure of anyone’s life. Be it personality, academic, or character development, Schools play a pivotal role. Not only this, for the students with exceptional and distinctive talents such as sports, music, and art & craft, schools can significantly fuel or shun off their interests.

You must have often heard the specific industry’s veterans saying, “It all started in school!”. Yes, sometimes, the training, exposure, and guidance you get in schools, set foundations for your later torrential career. But, as widely said, it is not always easy and possible to choose a school with all the facilities. Hefty school fees structure becomes a common snag!

How to not fall into a trap of expensive school fees?

If in the process of shortlisting an ideal school has made you reach a dam due to the expensive school fees structure, we’ve got your back. As a common misperception goes, the best schools have expensive fee structures, we are here to debunk this with the most affordable options for your next best school. Here are some of the ways, you can escape the trap of hefty school fee packages and can still get the best school options-

  • Get scholarships

Many schools appreciate students with exceptional academic records. These schools then award these students with scholarships. There are half, quarter, or even full school fees waivers available under scholarships.

So, if you believe your child’s academic excellence is worth bowing down for, apply for a scholarship in the best school right now. One such school that provides scholarships to academically impeccable students is GIIS Or Global Indian International school. The school takes into account the competitiveness, academic record, and intellectual ability of students to grant scholarships.

  • EMIs

EMIs or easy monthly installment is one of the other tricks to escape the fee structure tornado! While only selected schools offer this, paying school fees in EMIs can relieve you from that one-time costly deal. This also buys you time to arrange or accumulate money for your school fees.

So, next time, if you feel baffled over the school fees payment but want to get admission to a school with all facilities, explore the option of EMIs.

  • Get relaxations

Sometimes, schools support students in every way possible to provide the best education. For such, schools also keep the option of getting relaxation. For instance, the registration fees, transport fees, school funds, etc. are the amounts that can be relaxed to particular students.

While this can only be done upon certification of specific certificates and income declarations, getting relaxations is a process where you need to make to and fro communication with the school admin department.

  • Payment method

Paying through credit cards is one option that can save you from one-time hefty payments in cash. By paying through your credit card, you get an extra window to later pay off the amount in EMIs or installments to your card’s bank. This saves you from sudden financial compromise and provides you time to arrange the school fees.

To leverage this idea, enquire from the school about acceptable fees payment methods. Choosing a school that accepts credit card payments can be an ideal choice.

Should fees be the only criteria to shortlist schools?

Certainly not! School fees can be one of the factors while shortlisting the best schools for your child but it should never be the sole factor. While, one can pronounce financial struggle as the most prominent one in selecting schools, equalizing and accessing the amenities, education quality, and other specialized facilities or services in said fees is also very pivotal.

To save you from this, always comprehend what all amenities are available in what amount of school fees. Compare and contrast between different schools’ fee packages and shortlist what’s best for you and your budget!

How can I get the best school with the most affordable fee structure?

If the above question is tickling you as well, we’ve got an answer for you!

According to the research and analysis, it is believed that GIIS, or Global Indian International school is one of the best schools with a comfortable fee structure. The school provides a variety of curriculums, amenities, facilities, etc. It has acquired a plethora of prestigious awards throughout the years to establish its education quality. The trained faculty experienced guides, and diversity of students flourishing in a pragmatic ecosystem is what GIIS’s campuses look like. The school on-boards students with a smooth admission process and hassle-free guidance.

In addition, it also provides scholarships to support intellectual minds for their impeccable growth and development. It has campuses in various countries including UAE (Abu Dhabi), Singapore, Malaysia, India, etc. Get complete details of its fee packages on its official website.