How Much Does Harley Street Clinic Hair Transplant Cost?

A vast majority of people give importance to physical attributes. This is often one of the main reasons which can give rise to low self-esteem. You may be feeling down due to your baldness.

If you want to get out of this undermining feeling then one of the effective ways you can attain this goal is by taking the help of reconstructive procedures. Selecting the right clinic for this purpose is essential. The choice of the clinic can make or mar your experience.

Taking a cautious approach

Almost every individual loses strands of tresses to the count of fifty to a hundred every day. If you lose more than that count then prolonged loss may lead to thinning of locks and even baldness. Before opting for a procedure gather information about Harley Street Clinic Hair Transplant Cost. The pricing structure may be dependent upon a host of factors.


  • Extent of baldness

The rate is directly proportional to the severity of the case. If the extent of baldness is substantial, then a higher number of grafts will be essential. This will have a significant impact on the cost of the procedure. Get in touch with Hair Loss Clinic In Manchester technicians to learn about their various service offerings.


  • Number of grafts

You will need to find out about the rate of a grafted piece on an individual basis. The rates may vary slightly from one place to another. During your initial consultation, an analysis is made by the dermatologist. He will inform you about the number of grafts that will be necessary in your case. The count will depend upon the present state of affairs and the required density to cover that section.


  • Utilization of the technique 

In general, two techniques are used for transplantation. They are follicular unit extraction or FUE and follicular unit transplantation or FUT. There are some significant differences between the two procedures. The main difference between the two procedures is that in FUT, a strip of skin is transferred to the loss area. On the other hand, in FUE individual follicular units are extracted.

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  • Number of sessions

Many surgeries are performed in one session. The duration of a single session may vary in the range of five to eight hours. In cases where the baldness is substantial, you will need a higher number of grafts. When the graft requirements are more the pricing structure will shoot up considerably.

Taking a rational call

Choose a clinic for meeting your scalp restoration needs carefully. You will need to have a cautious approach before making a selection. Do not act hastily. Read the reviews of clients before arriving at a decision. Set aside time for the research phase. Ill-done research will have disastrous consequences.