How Custom Candle Boxes Are Best for Advertising

Traditionally, people go to the store and buy their candles by hand and use them for various occasions and events. They have no way of doing this when shopping online and some users miss this experience. This is one of the main reasons why unboxing your candle products should provide a meaningful customer experience. Instead, it’s about articles coming from one section. It’s also about giving them an unforgettable experience when they first open the custom candle box and see something. They deserve to be impressed by the attractive presentation of their products.

For online orders, when the box reaches the customer, it will be the first time your candle product has been seen and felt in person. From unboxing the fragile candles to unpacking the products themselves, the whole process will have a lifetime impact on the customer. If you don’t do it right, you run the risk of attracting returning customers, receiving unpleasant feedback, and damaging your brand image. However, if you do it right, you will get more than just happy customers.

On the other hand, when customers buy products in stores, they need high-quality packaging. Quality in terms of packaging materials, images and print designs; You will find well-known brands using bespoke packaging for their candle products. Personalized candle packaging allows them to provide customers with such an unforgettable experience that they choose a brand over others. For this purpose, the brand uses durable, solid and lightweight packaging materials for candles. These qualities underline the brand’s vision, purpose and give the packaging a first-class appearance. Customers demand this quality when packing candles. So let’s find out what benefits does it bring to customers? And why do customers want high-quality candle packaging?

The Advantages of Using Custom Packaging boxes

Provides Protection

The main purpose of candle packaging is to protect the product from damage that may occur during shipping, handling or storage. Candle packaging ensures product safety throughout the logistics chain, from retailers to final consumers. It protects the product from moisture, glare, heat and other external influences, the most important reason for packaging. Nowadays it is very common to pay more attention to the packaging than the actual product, especially when buying goods from online retailers.

As a brand, protecting your products is critical if you want them to survive the transport process and ultimately maintain a good brand image. If multiple items are attached to the order, the package will easily become heavy, which increases the likelihood that the package will break during transit. Fragile items such as hats and highly decorative candles are often more susceptible to get damage and require additional protection.

Many fragile candles can now be shipped in pre-made sales or custom candle packaging boxes, but for added security and to ensure that your product and sales package remains safe, it may be a good idea to ship it in sturdy single-walled or double-walled packaging. box. The company uses corrugated cardboard boxes for this. These boxes are durable and lightweight and are best for online orders.

Increases Product Life

The quality of the packaging determines the life of the product. This is directly related to the shelf life of the packaging. Reliable candle packaging not only attracts customers but also extends product life. Because of this, customers like to wrap clothes. Some companies use multi-layer packaging while some companies add secondary packaging to extend product life. Fillers are also important in packaging; These fillers help maintain the shape of the garment. Labels and pins on shirt collars are great examples of candle patches.

In addition, consumers choose ready-to-use packaging. You need practical, life-saving packaging that is very easy to use. The usability of the packaging is judged only by the customer. The custom candle box, which is easy to open and close, easy to fold and stack during use, and which can be reused or recycled, will meet several user requirements. In comparison, an optimized design enhances usability. This ease of use is directly related to the life of the product because if the packaging is easy to use, customers will try to reuse it to maintain product safety; This will extend the life of the product. On the other hand, if the packaging is difficult to open or close, customers will avoid it, thereby shortening the life of the product.

Gives Premium Look to Products

Packaging is an integral part of the product identity and gives your candles a first-class look. The unique packaging increases the attractiveness of the product and thus affects the purchasing power of the product. Packaging is almost as important as the product itself, aiming to stand out from a shelf or website, increase sales, provide valuable product information and generate interest. Two-thirds of those surveyed stated that packaging influences their purchasing decisions. The custom presentation boxes also tell the full company story behind the product and the cultural, social and economic impact of the product. It is a tool for formulating brand ideals and the extraordinary benefits that products offer to customers.

Famous brands have created their packaging units in recent years where they manufacture universal packaging for their products. You hire a dedicated research team to work on developing packaging according to customer requirements. To guarantee the appearance of first-class packaging, the company uses modern printing techniques on custom candle boxes. Brands know what customers’ demands are and how to meet their customers’ packaging needs. Their packaging theme complements their strategy.