How COVID-19 Changed Residential and Commercial Design

Residential design has changed and so has office architecture. They had both evolved for years, but have recently been pushed along even more by changes introduced by the coronavirus pandemic.
Office Architecture
Offices have changed a lot over the last decades. Long gone are the cubicles and executive suites removed from the rest of the company- and on the rise were open spaces and more places to congregate and teamup. Now that we are embarking on a world that is in the stages of a rebuild from the coronavirus pandemic, where office spaces were changed again, albeit, this time they changed to become secluded, remote or even virtual.

So now, going forward, what are some of the design elements that we will see in office buildings?
Keep the Open Spaces
Although we learned not to congregate so much, business will always be about people and relationships. Post coronavirus, we know that open spaces that allow for a decent social distance while still letting us congregate are a great thing.

Expect to see more glass partitioning and enclosures, they are a great way to create some togetherness and separation at the same time. This is likely a design element that we incorporated during the pandemic that we will continue to keep going forward.

More Personalization
Working from home has allowed us to all find inspiration in our home, families and pets. Bringing more of our own personalities into the office and making spaces more personal is likely a trend you will see more of in the future.

Natural Elements
Months of being cooped up has everyone longing for outside adventures and one of the best ways to get them is to bring them indoors with you. From office plants to natural materials for wall coverings and decoration.

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Custom Residential Design
One thing is for certain: during the coronavirus pandemic, unless you worked in the medical profession, you probably got to spend a lot more time at home. This led to a lot of home makeovers and interior design changes. As usual, everyone wanted to update the bathrooms and kitchens, but there was a new phenomenon too.

Specialized areas and rooms are definitely “a thing” now.

The Home Office
The coronavirus pandemic saw more people working from home than ever before. This meant lots of upgrades to home offices. Home offices now often include a place for zoom meetings with a nice backdrop and good lighting as well as upgraded devices.

Playrooms & Home Classrooms

Just as adults learned to work from home, children transition to homeschooling in many ares. With whole families hoe together this meant a need for more space dedicated especially to children for them to play and be active as well as learn.
Additional Rooms

Additional rooms are always popular, but with so many changes and new needs this is even more true in today’s world. From additional bedrooms and office spaces to mud rooms, utility rooms and side kitchens everyone could use the extra space for something.

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