How AAC Blocks are cost-efficient for the Construction industry?

Autoclaved Aerated Concrete(AAC) blocks are considered one of the favourite building materials in the construction industry. These blocks are extremely lightweight, energy-efficient, fire-resistant and an excellent thermal insulator thus suitable for internal as well as external construction. AAC Blocks are suitable for all kinds of building construction and these constructions are known as environmentally friendly buildings as it does not require any plastering.

How AAC Blocks are cost-effective for the construction industries?
AAC blocks prove to be a cost-efficient building material in the construction industry by making the process rapid and efficient as it helps in reducing labour and transportation time which is cost-savings. Compared to conventional red brick, AAC blocks weigh 80% less, thus AAC blocks are light-weight and are made of fly ash, aluminium powder and water. Thus the manufacturing process of AAC blocks does not cause any environmental problems as it is an excellent insulator for the interior environment and is easier to maintain.

1.The lightweight feature of the AAC block helps in reducing the burden of the general structure. It results in light form, which reduces the necessity for steel and concrete reinforcement within the construction process.
2.The size of the AAC blocks has an additional bonus point, there is a reduction in the use of mortar resulting in a rapid construction process thus it reduces the labour cost up to 40% and saves time.
3.The superior thermal insulation of the AAC blocks reduces the need to turn on the air conditioner which in turn helps in saving electricity costs.
4.Reduces overall construction cost by 30% as it requires less jointing and reduces the need for cement and steel.
Reduces overall labour and material costs

Thus Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC) blocks from Magna Green are lightweight, high strength, good durability, heat preservation, sound insulation, fireproofing, impervious, good anchoring properties. Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC) is a certified green building material, which is porous, non-toxic, reusable, renewable and recyclable can be used for commercial, industrial and residential construction, these AAC Blocks are proved to be a cost-efficient artefact within the construction industry making the process rapid and efficient.