Gojek Clone – Integrate Multi-languages and Currencies To Increase Customer Acquisition in Cambodia

Star Wars was a mega success globally. Do you know why? Because the movie was showcased in all languages. It is because anyone regardless of the cultural differences and geographic locations can watch it.

This can be the same if you applied to your Gojek Clone App?

Your Gojek Clone App can reach wider audiences provided you are offering an amazing experience to your users who are using it in Cambodia. – Integrate it with multi-languages and currencies.

Living In A Diversity

We are talking about the 21st century.

Countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom, India, South Africa, and India now have multilingual communities.

These countries widely speak English, but there are a considerable number of the population that converse in their native languages.

Therefore, it makes sense to integrate. Therefore, it makes sense for you to develop a Gojek Clone Application built with multi-language and currency features.

To attain success, your multiservice app needs to have a facility where your users are comfortable operating the app.

This works wonderfully well when you are launching it in different geographical locations where English and USD (American Dollar) are not their local languages and currencies.

Launching an application like Gojek that offers 70+ On-demand services and offers multi-lingual and currency integration not only drives customer acquisition but also, creates a long-lasting relationship with the users in Cambodia. The more your users use it, the more it flourishes.

Importance Of Implementing Multi-lingual and Currencies

Gojek Clone App is a white-labeled ready to launch solution.

This robust application is built on the latest technology that helps entrepreneurs to launch their app within 7 days regardless of any geographical location. How? It comes integrated with multi-language and currency features where you get to choose 10 different Languages Options and Currencies of your choice as per your Local target Region.

This choice is available with the app development company so that you can have up to 10 Languages and Currencies that you want along with English and USD.

The multi-lingual feature of your Gojek Clone App is created in such a way that your users will think that it was originally developed in their langauges/currencies.

For instance

For instance, if you want to launch apps in Dubai, you must have Arabic as a language and Dirham as the currency. And the layout of apps and websites must flip (become L to R automatically). Adding region-wise currency and language will be an added advantage in your apps, and thus, your apps will be preferred by users of your country. Also, your foreign users are going to love using your app, as it offers a pleasant experience.

Easy To Connect With Your Audience

Like many business owners, you have resisted the urge to launch the Gojek Clone App in a foreign location because of the language and currency complexities. What if we tell you that there aren’t any?

When you take the time to invest in building a robust app that considers implementing foreign languages and currencies, everyone wins.

Your buyers can navigate between the pages, making it easier for them to place an order and pay. This is how you will enjoy the rising customer base.

The positive reviews and ratings offered by the locals and travelers will make a huge difference, increasing your app’s prosperity. Not to mention, the rising influx of cash in the bank.

Why Offering Multi-lingual App Support Is Good For Your On-demand Multiservice Business.

Providing local currencies and languages for the convenience of the users conveys that you are not here to do business and make money in Cambodia. You care for them and wish to become part of their community.

Here are the significant benefits of having a multi-lingual feature:

  • It makes your Gojek Clone App look unique
  • Increases user downloads, eventually raising the revenues.
  • Automatically boosts the app store rankings due to increasing downloads.
  • It enables gathering more data on customer behavior, which can be translated into strategic insights
  • Drives customer acquisition
  • It builds customer loyalty

Taking Help Of Gojek Clone App Development Company in India

Businesses that localize their apps with different languages and currencies see an increase in customer engagement.

This is an important feature that should not be overlooked. Approximately 75% of the users are likely to download and use the app when they find it to be multi-lingual.

Having a multilingual Gojek Clone App will facilitate increased downloads, drive more customers to your app, and build customer loyalty in Cambodia.

This goes on to improve your App Store Rankings.  Both Android and iOS OS support the feature –  both LTR (Left to Right) and RTL (Right to Left) scripts together with layout mirroring. Connect with the app development company today that specializes in offering the Latest Gojek Clone App to scale up your Multiservices Business instantly.