From school fees to curriculum. Here’s everything you need to know before finalizing a school!

Finalizing a school in Kuala Lumpur is a consuming and daunting process. Going through numerous schools, considering factors that can be important, can be overwhelming as well as bewildering at the same point. But, as one has to go through a process to get the ideal school, what all one can consider leaving no room for any doubts while finalizing a school in Kuala Lumpur? Here, we have amalgamated everything you need; from start to end while shortlisting a school. 

Why is it important to invest a great deal of effort while finding a school in Kuala Lumpur?

You must be thinking; it is just a school, why put so much time, and effort? But, one must embrace the importance of the right school in a career. The right type of school can provide you with everything; the right type of resources, training, and guidance for your career. It is often believed that students get a clear picture of their professional interests, subject inclinations, and even skill expertise in schools. 

Furthermore, it is also widely realized that schools help provide the optimum guidance to students. No matter what they are interested in is it music, art, and craft, or a theoretical as well as a practical subject, If you are in the right type of school, you practically can conquer all the skills, and expertise needed to excel and build a professional career in skill, and domain of your interest. 

Now, let’s move into the list of all factors you need to consider while shortlisting an ideal school in Kuala Lumpur for you –

  • School fees

The first and foremost factor while shortlisting a school is school fees. Believe it or not, no one wants the best school on the globe with a burning pocket. So, it is always paramount to comprehend the school fees structure, amenities of school, and also the complete annual fee structure. It is also important to map the fee structure with the facilities provided.

For instance, if you are paying hefty amounts of school fees, you should definitely look for the factors such as transport inclusions, etc in schools in Kuala Lumpur. 

  • School’s Reputation

It takes years and years for a school to build up a reputation on which people believe and can rely. The results, student performance, and alumni status of the school play a major role in building up a reputation. But, a sound and stable reputation is always pronounced for a school with advanced and quality education. The faculty, education strategies, and all are of great value in a school in Kuala Lumpur. 

So, always comprehend the past year’s results, the academic performance of students, school fees, and other critical factors to opt for a school with a good reputation.

  • Awards and Recognitions

Believe it or not, one of the most important things while shortlisting a school in Kuala Lumpur is awards, recognitions, and rewards in the school’s name. These awards and recognition establish the quality education of school, optimum facilities, and numerous merits that can help students build a promising career even after school life.

But, another important factor is to carefully check the awards of school. Refer to reliable sources or official websites of the school only. One such school with numerous awards, recognitions, and good results for consecutive years is Global Indian International School or GIIS. 

  • Curricula and Education quality 

One of the main concerns of parents looking for an ideal school for their children is quality of education and that’s what makes this a factor worth concerning. Looking for the factors that can give an impression about a school’s education quality such as results of previous years, knowledge delivery strategies, curricula delivered, and faculty expertise can provide a clear picture of education quality in schools. 

Furthermore, meeting with faculty one to one or getting inside information from Alumni about feedback for teachers, and staff can also enhance the confidence of schools in Kuala Lumpur.

  • Campuses and Amenities

 The school campuses play a significant role in what all students will encounter and leverage in schooling tenure. Be its sports facilities, practical exposure to concepts, and whatnot, everything boils down to the fact that all amenities and facilities are available in school. 

For instance, if the school will have special self-defense or music and art classes, it will help students rectify their interests and academic inclinations. So, always get a complete understanding of amenities, facilities, and extra-curricular support. 

Where to find the ideal school in Kuala Lumpur

While looking for all these factors, and shortlisting a school, you would encounter a range of schools in Kuala Lumpur. Some of these are- 

  • Global Indian International School. (GIIS)
  • The Mont’Kiara International School.
  • German School Kuala Lumpur.
  • Oasis International School Kuala Lumpur.
  • Beaconhouse Malaysia Newlands International

And many more. 

Out of all these schools in Kuala Lumpur, the one that fits all the above-mentioned criteria is GIIS. It is a school with a sound reputation and has numerous respected awards and recognitions to pronounce its education quality. Furthermore, it has campuses in various countries like India, Malaysia, Japan, Singapore, etc. to spread top-notch quality all over the globe.