Exploring the top 5 Cyber Security Companies to Work For

The cybersecurity industry is developing at a much faster pace. And the global requirement for cybersecurity expert professionals is outpacing the available candidates. Hence, it indicates that the chances of you getting the job right after you complete your cybersecurity expert courses is very high. Due to the widespread adoption of internet connectivity across different business processes, you get the opportunity to leverage your certification in any industry. Hence if you are planning to begin your cybersecurity career journey, then you may want to know about the top cyber security recruiting companies. So, here we bring you the names of the 5 best cybersecurity companies that you can consider working for better growth opportunities. 


The popular cybersecurity company has been in establishment since 1982. In fact, it comes under the names of the oldest cybersecurity companies in the world. Moreover, it has been maintaining its position as one of the best companies in a variety of listings as well. Aside from this, Symantec is known for operating as one of the biggest cyber intelligence networks. Further, it also focuses on cloud, endpoint, and mobile security solutions for other organizations, clients, and governments. Moreover, it also operates globally popular antivirus software products like Norton. 

When it comes to being their employee, you can enjoy a number of perks, including comprehensive savings, stock purchases, health and retirement plan programs. Furthermore, they provide a compensation program as well that rewards their high performing employees. Here, you will experience a healthy balance in a work-life situation. Hence, you will enjoy flexibility in the work environment, laundry services, gym services, and an on-site cafe named Union 82.  In addition to it, the company also supports field research and provides a graduate fellowship program to the qualifying and high-performing PHd students. Further, the cybersecurity expert salary is also suitable. 

Check Point Software Technologies LTD

Due to their fantastic catch rate of ransomware, malware and other known attacks, the company stands out in the market. The Israel-based company, Check Point Software Technologies LTD has been in existence since 1993 and has an employee count of over 5000 globally. Further, the company is a multinational provider of solo and combined software/hardware items for IT security services. For example, endpoint security, mobile security, network security, security management, and cloud security. So, if you want to become a part of this company, complete your cybersecurity expert courses and gain some valuable project and work experience to stand out among other applicants. In fact, the more you are qualified, the better cybersecurity expert salary you can negotiate off. 

Also, the company claims to be a global leader in internet security—the company prioritizes customers by consistently providing innovative security solutions that reshape the security landscape. Further, the company adds that they are seeking employees that have the aim of securing people from cybercriminals. 

Herjavec Group

The company is quite popular for its contribution to delivering cybersecurity services and products to multiple organizations. Further, the CEO of the Herjavec Group, Robert Herjavec, is one of the known names in the space of the cybersecurity industry. Additionally, the CEO has also been in the cast of “Shark Tank.” 

Since its launch in 2003, the Toronto-based company has been making its position as the innovative leader for cybersecurity operations in the world. Also, the company has been excelling in multi-technical and complex environments. Furthermore, it is also showing interest in building a cybersecurity workforce. With your cybersecurity expert certificate and exceptional skills, you can make a promising cybersecurity career via this company. 


It is a Boston-based cybersecurity company that is popular as the best workplace in the entire region. Here, the employees get to have a good work/life balance, moose rewards and a strong community. Further, the company has a specialization in data analysis and cybersecurity. Additionally, it is the best place that provides vulnerability management, application security, penetration testing, SIEM, IT operations, and other relevant security advisory services. 

As per trusted sources, the Rapid7 company provides a good work-life balance, free food services, and considerable day-offs. Since its establishment, it has been a suitable workplace in Boston as the employees rank it. Here, the workforce depicts the core values of the organization. Also, high potential employees get to have the Moose awards every quarter. The awards offer stuffed moose as a price along with a cash prize. So, get your cybersecurity expert certification and experience an exciting career in Rapid7. 


The company has been the winner of the cybersecurity award for being the best security company in the region. Currently, it maintains over 150 employees in the workplace. The company has been in service since 2004, offering a solitary platform that offers advanced security technologies, globally-renowned mendiant consulting, and nation-state grade threat. Hence, it assists enterprises to prepare and protect themselves from online attacks. 

As per multiple sources, FireEye is a cybersecurity company that maintains a highly-skilled human expertise workforce and operates with award-winning technical support. Furthermore, its country-state level threat intelligence and industry-recognized assistance are commendable. You can find multiple cybersecurity expert courses that can train you to gain the needed skills to get into the FireEye workspace. Due to widespread digitization, you might also apply to participate in certain company-based projects as a freelance cybersecurity expert. 


We do not need to mention how a cybersecurity career is one of the most promising sectors with excellent growth potential. In fact, as per global cybersecurity professionals, the job sector is highly lucrative and rewarding. However, these advantages also depend on which company you are working with. So, to make your search easier, ensure to check out the top 5 cyber security companies in the above list. Aside from this, you get the opportunity even to negotiate the cybersecurity expert salary you might be receiving with your exceptional skills. 

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