Exotic Gifts ideas for your Father

Talking about fathers, what comes to our mind is a strong, reliable, tough and most supportive person in our lives. Fathers are the coolest people. They love their children but never show it. They are the worst at expressing emotions, yet when it comes to their kids, they leave no stone unturned. 

Getting gifts for fathers is really difficult as they do not get pleased with materialistic things. Fathers never ask for anything from us and mostly say that they have everything and don’t need anything as such. But deep inside they love to receive gifts, especially from their children.

So if you want to surprise your father and are wondering what to get for him, then we have got you covered. We have curated a list of gift items that you can definitely choose for your father.

A digital health band-

With a lot of responsibilities on all the father’s, they usually ignore their health. So to keep a check on his health, you can get him a digital health band. This health band is a kind of watch and records pulse rate, diabetes, number of calories burned etc. This can be connected with the smartphone and can be monitored from anywhere. This is the most practical gift for your ageing dad. You can give this band to him on any occasion. You can also send him his birthday gift online.

Gardening tool kit-

For that plant loving father, a gardening tool kit will come handy. This tool kit has a number of items in it and is useful while gardening. Getting this kit for your father will ease his efforts while gardening. 


Whether your father has a sweet tooth or not, he will love to have a cake. Getting an exotic cake on father’s day or on his birthday will definitely surprise him. You can choose a cake with a different flavor from the options available in the market. You can also customise your cake according to your choice.


So what, if he is your father, getting a flower for him will make him equally happy. You can choose to get a bouquet for your father with the flowers of his choice along with the bottle of wine to make it more exotic. You can get him birthday flowers with chocolates also as a combo. 


With these changing technologies every day, it becomes difficult for the generation of our father to keep up with the trend. So to make your father up to date, you can get him a smartphone which will ease many of his jobs like payment process, bills and will also help him connect with his pals easily. 

Personalised kit-

This totally depends on you what you want to give your dad in this personalised kit. It can be a shower kit, a spa kit, a shaving kit or a fitness kit. You can customise it according to the needs of your father and gift it to him. This will be of practical use, and it will come handy to him when in need. 


Wallet is another practical gift for your father. These days the traditional leather wallet is replaced with metal wallets with lots of compartments for different things. So you can get a wallet for your dad as a gift. 

Chopping Board-

For that dad who loves to cook, you can get a chopping board for all his food preparations. These days there is a variety of chopping boards available in the market. You can get a custom-made chopping board with initials or messages engraved. 


For your cool dad, you can get a classy and versatile T-shirt. You can choose from different brands and can also get the T-shirt customised for your dad according to his personality. 

Desk Organiser-

For that workaholic dad, you can get a desk organiser. These days there are a variety of desk organizers available on the market from ranging in size to material. You can get this for your dad so that he can manage his stuff easily. 

Your dad will never ask you for anything, but he will be happy to receive something from you on his special days. This list was thoughtfully curated, and your dad will love whatever you will get for him.