Everything You Should Know Before Purchasing a New Refrigerator

You’ve come here seeking a comprehensive breakdown of all the factors to consider before purchasing a new refrigerator. You may be sure that you will receive just that. We’ve designed this shopping guide with all the information you need to know about the all-important kitchen equipment in mind. Refrigerators nowadays do more than keep our food fresh, and it’s critical to grasp all of these functions before making a purchase. So here are all of the factors to consider when buying a new refrigerator.

Things to consider before purchasing a refrigerator 

  • Capacity: A refrigerator’s capacity is measured in liters. The capacity range has risen tremendously from the lowest to the largest in recent years. However, to determine your demands, one crucial issue must be addressed – the size of your family. This controls how much food you will store in your refrigerator.

A 150 to 250-liter fridge should be plenty for a couple with one child. A 250 to 500-liter one could be appropriate for an enormous household of four to five persons. A 250 to 350-liter fridge will be enough for a family of four consisting of two adults and two youngsters. Prominent families of six to seven people would, of course, need a large refrigerator with a capacity ranging from 550 to 850 liters.

However, even if you don’t have many family members, you may require a more significant capacity at times. Hence, it’s always a good idea to thoroughly consider your needs before choosing a fridge.

  • Space: The quantity of space available in your home is also essential when selecting a refrigerator. You should always check the dimensions of the fridge of your choice to determine whether it will fit in your available space. While you’re doing it, keep in mind that the fridge doors will require some room to open freely, and you’ll need at least an inch of space at the top and rear to enable heat to escape smoothly. In addition, bringing the fridge into your house might be difficult at times owing to a lack of room in a staircase or elevator. Again, this is an essential factor to consider before purchasing the model of the fridge.
  • Direct cool vs. Frost-free defrosting: All refrigerators need cold air circulation within their compartments. Natural convection manages circulation entirely, with no additional assistance when it comes to direct incredible choices. One significant downside of this approach is unequal distribution, which causes ice to build in the refrigerator. As a result, you must manually defrost the fridge regularly. Some advantages of this technique include that these refrigerators are cost-effective and use less power.

The frost free double-door refrigerator implies no frost or ice to contend with. With the aid of electric fans, these refrigerators circulate chilled air evenly. This strategy prevents ice from forming inside the sections, protecting your food from freezer burn. They are, however, more costly than the direct cool fridge and use more power owing to the use of fans.

  • Energy efficiency: Appliances are awarded EER (Energy Efficiency Rating) or star ratings to indicate energy efficiency. They will be more energy-efficient if they have a higher star rating. If you want to go deeper into this topic, search for the total number of units of power (kWh) that your model will consume in a year. A refrigerator with a 1-star rating will save you a moderate amount of money, while a 2-star double-door fridge rating will save you more money.

Modern refrigerators are being outfitted with many innovative capabilities to keep up with the IoT advancement. Smartphone connectivity is one thing, but other models also have extensive displays that display information like tasks, calendars, images, movies, and more. A few intelligent refrigerators are available in India, go and check out their details online. Based on the factors and points given in this guide, you can easily estimate your needs and budget, based on which you can purchase an ideal refrigerator for your home.