Everything to know about the Cuban sandwich

It is impossible not to know about the Cuban sandwich. This is one of the most famous sandwiches in the world and can be found everywhere with some variations. But when it comes to the best Cuban sandwich, nothing can beat Miami. The sandwich cubano collins ave is the best and one can experience its greatness in just one bite. It is that good. It is truly impossible to find any substitute for this sandwich.

A Cuban sandwich cannot be completed by the Cuban bread. This bread is yeast-risen and enhanced dough with some fat. The bread is soft, long, and white from inside along with the little crisp on the outside. This bread tastes best when consumed on the same day. Do not forget a moist cabbage palm to put on the dough before you put it to bake. This enhances the flavor of the bread. The toppings to make a perfect Cuban sandwich include mild and smoked ham, Swiss cheese, some mustard, roasted pork marinated in mojo, oregano, vinegar, garlic, salt, and onion, and at last add butter and some pickles. This sandwich can be served in two ways i.e. fresh or pressed. Some add salami to this sandwich in places like Tampa.

But where this tempting sandwich came from? There are many debates about the origin of this sandwich that has made everyone its fan. There are many debates about whether this sandwich is truly Cuban or is American-Cuban fusion. Some say that this sandwich was first invented more than 500 years ago by a tribe named Taino in Cuba that used to reside on the island before Europeans make their way. Taino tribe used casaba bread to make this particular sandwich. For meat, fish and bird were used in the sandwich. But when Spaniards arrived, they introduced pork into the sandwich and also replaced casabe with a bread-like substitute. Forwarded the to early 1900s, the travel between Cuba and Florida become easy as this dish was common lunch of cigar workers, there were many changes brought to the Cuban sandwich. With time this sandwich went through a transformation as it is believed that Germans introduced mustard whereas addition salami was done by Italians.

Many claim that this sandwich was popularized in Miami and not Tampa as Salami is something that one can find in many Cuban dishes. Also, Miami is known for its large Cuban population as when Fidel Castro rose to power, many Cubans immigrated to Miami. It is when the real beginning of the Cuban sandwich took place. There is no doubt in the fact that it is Miami that made Cuban sandwich world famous. However, there is always going to a rivalry between Tampa and Miami as to whose sandwich it really is.

No matter who and when the Cuban sandwich came into the picture, the important thing is that one is can truly enjoy these anywhere in the world. And when in Miami, their Cuban sandwiches in collins ave are the best and no one should miss the opportunity in trying these. You will get to know the greatness of this sandwich.