Enhance your finance and accounting careers with the CIMA qualification

Getting the Chartered Investment & Management Accountant (CIMA) qualification is a perfect way to set-up in one’s career. It is the best qualification that offers the perfect path for high-profile finance and accounting careers and strategic leadership job roles in top organizations globally.

An aspiring individual who wants to excel in his/her finance and accounting careers, they doesn’t require time, money and energy to complete and maintain the certification. To earn CIMA® charter they need to complete it within 3 to 6 months and candidates must meet a range of guidelines like experience, education, examination.

CIMA career

If you are a student or a working professional who is looking for a great career in finance then the CIMA institute must be your preferred choice. There are several advantages associated with this credential as well as many more irresistible career opportunities.

If an individual is not from the accounting background then they can join the CIMA qualification, which will help in developing the concepts in accounting this certifications is available for students who are interested in getting a qualification which is both globally recognized and also highly dynamic in nature.


The key prerequisite for the CIMA® certification in finance and accounting careers is to have at least a bachelor’s degree from an accredited university in any discipline. Higher qualifications like Master’s or MBA, or specialist professional qualifications in finance, accounting and related disciplines can accelerate the CIMA® journey through registration under CIMA® Master’s or Professional pathways, which need taking a single, unified exam.

Candidacy Tracks

CIMA institute consists of 3 candidacy tracks that will help an individual to understand which the most suitable option they can choose is. The following are the 3 candidacy tracks:

  • Standard Route

This track is for the professionals whose most recent qualification is a bachelor’s degree from a nationally or internationally recognized/accredited institution. The background or major is no limitation, though, if one has a prior exposure to accounting, finance or business, their CIMA career journey completes a lot easier and quicker.

  • Master’s Pathway

CIMA institute master’s pathway is the swifter candidacy track if one wants to hold or pursuing a master’s degree like MBA/ MS/ M.Sc. in business, finance, accounting or related areas from a nationally/ internationally recognized institution, or from a B-school accredited by international firms like the AACSB, AMBA and EQUIS. One can speed up their journey to get this credential by exam-exemptions in 8 of the 20 standard CIMA® modules and take a single exam instead of two.

  • Professional Pathway

Choose this quicker CIMA® candidacy track if an aspirant wants to hold a professional qualification or certification in finance, accountancy, corporate law, management accountancy, company secretary ship, cost accountancy, public accountancy or similar or related areas from a professional association or a certification body. Individuals CIMA® program journey can be accelerated by taking a single, unified exam instead of two, and they can earn exam-exemptions in 9 of the 20 standard CIMA® modules.


CIMA career also provides the candidates immediate membership once they get qualified for the award of the CIMA® charter. This membership offers a vast range of opportunities and also gets covered in the CIMA® program fee for up to 10 years consists several perks such as a life-long myCIMA dashboard, which is a personalized dashboard that contains career growth and self-development resources. The membership card and certificate is included in the CIMA® credential pack sent to the qualification holders after they get qualified to all prescribed conditions for award of the CIMA® qualification and designation.


  1. Exclusive CIMA® Membership Card
  2. Organic and periodically updating list of books and journals to be read with purchase or subscription discount vouchers wherever possible
  3. Life-long access to exclusive, members-only CIMA® publications
  4. Discounts on CIMA® program for individuals referred by CIMA® members
  5. Free entry and registration in the CIMA institute networking events
  6. Quarterly updates on national and global conferences/ seminars/ webinars etc., with discount coupons wherever possible
  7. Quarterly updates on useful online/offline training programs and courses etc., with discount coupons wherever possible
  8. Periodic updates on job and career opportunities in various regions of the world
  9. Articles and opinions of leaders on a wide gamut of issues related to business, finance, accounting and international business and technology