Know The Rising Importance Of Educational Video Games

The educational video games market will grow at a CAGR of 38.53% to reach 88.11 from 9.2 billion dollars in 2027 from 2019. Though it shows the rapid growth of nearly ten times in the coming years, it is only one-fifth of the global gaming market.

Fortune Business Insights’ gaming market will reach 545.98 from 203.12 billion dollars from 2020 to 2028. Hence there should be more aware of the educational games like Eco-aire that help all to do their part for saving mother earth.

This article will discuss educational video games and their role in improving education and environmental concerns during the COVID 19 and beyond.

The rising importance of educational video games

One of the significant reasons for educational games to be available was the video game crash in 1983 with the advent of computers. Even though educational games have existed for a long time, their importance is rising because of the pandemic, increased number of smartphones, etc., in the last few years.

Students who had to stay back home and could not go to school because of the restrictions could study from these games. Also, some creative companies like Eco-aire developed environmentally-friendly games for bringing awareness among people of all ages on the small ways they could contribute to saving the only planet we have to live.

What are educational video games?

The development of educational video games is to teach humans about specific subjects or skills are called educational video games. During their initial years in the 70s and 80s, they were known as edutainment games adhering to the constructivist learning theory.

These computer-based educational games pleased the students and the parents and teachers. It enables the students to learn the many concepts and skills with fun making it easy for teachers and parents to increase their studying activity.

Hence educational video games with the planned merger of education software and video games into a single product are revolutionizing the video games industry.

How do educational games help education and environmental concerns?

The educational video game provides training and learning value to the player and plays a critical role in the school curriculum. It helps teachers quickly teach reading, core lessons, new skills, etc. It also enables students to learn actively and develop technical and technological skills essential for all in this digitally driven world.

Studies confirm that, apart from learning subjects, technological skills also develop emotional and intellectual skills to support their academic achievement. Worldwide, teachers confirm the many benefits of these games for students to learn their curricula.

The above facts will surely convince anyone about the rising importance of educational video games and their role in making learning academic and other skills for students easy and fun. Also, eco-friendly games like Eco-aire impart social and environmental awareness among all people to fulfill their part in saving mother earth.