Don’t Let That Natural Spray Tan Glow Fade Sooner. Follow These Quick Tips!

Well, if you have recently had the best natural spray tan experience, certainly, you will also begin to worry about the fading. Most likely, a perfect aftercare routine and skin preparation is something that can assure that your spray tan lasts long enough. The reason is that whether it is faux tan or organic tan, it has to be deposited on the uppermost layers of the skin. The most common elements like chemicals, sun, and beauty products may cause the spray tan effect to fade sooner than you can imagine. 

Thankfully, experts have got our back. So now, the next time you step out after your first spray tan in OKC, make sure to follow these quick tips and tricks. After all, what else can be better than doubling the lifespan of that beautiful golden glow? 

Exfoliate, Exfoliate, and Exfoliate 

Yes, this may sound weird to you in the first place. However, beauty technicians always recommend exfoliating skin with a mild cleanser or scrub to have a deep tan look. It removes the dead skin cells and debris and allows the tan to sit properly on the skin. Make sure you do this a few hours before your tan session to let your skin recover and close those pores. A pro tip to keep in mind here is to avoid shaving after the session so that the tan color doesn’t strip off. 

Little Moisture Never Hurts 

Another key element that makes a big difference is to moisturize your skin. Cover those dry and prone areas like feet, elbows, and knees before the tan session. Even making sure that your skin is hydrated well after tanning will prevent color from fading in the long run. 

Using the Right Product 

While several products are available in the marketplace that assure they give that natural coverage, very few have passed this test to date. Instead of juggling the right and wrong options, you can go ahead with any salon serving the best spray tan in OKC. Many prestige salons use a tan formula that is prepared in-house with natural hydrating ingredients. Well, it is much better than using tan products with chemical agents. Also, with natural tan formula, your skin will actually feel hydrated and give a more subtle glow. 

Visiting for Touch-Ups 

As soon as you see your tan fading, the best thing you could do is to visit the salon again for a quick touch-up. It will ensure that all the faded lines and spots are covered well with the spray tan. Make sure whatever salon you choose has the best natural spray tan formula prepared fresh and leaves you with the best summer glow. 

So how do you keep your tan long-lasting enough? Feel free to share your tips in the comments section below; we’d love to hear from you.